SUKHA "The Non-Intimidating" Yoga Studio Turns 2

Happy Birthday SUKHA and to everyone who has been along on this amazing ride.

Two years.

Two years of tears, fears, singing and dancing. 

Two years of falling, flying, laughing and crying

Two years of fun

Good days and not so good days.

We made friends that are now family.

Some lost family and friends unexpectedly. We were present. On the mat and off. We walked and talked.

We had broken hearts, but we  flowed to mend them.

Pub crawls and paddle boards.

Concerts and Yards.

Funny guest dharmas and ones that made the tears roll

Music.....Oh the music

Jokes....OH MY....THE JOKES

The classes started with me and a shy blonde. We spoke, we flowed, we practiced and flew like eagles, grew like trees and blossomed like  two beautiful flowers. (I won't get to descriptive on the flowers. I will leave that up to her) 

First it was one. Then it was three (+ me). Amy, Alison, Michelle and me. We flew and grew. And so did the classes. As my friends shared and spoke of this place in a kindergarten classroom, so did the family. Day by day.

To some it was not a "real" yoga studio. For many, it is more than that.

It started small. With no "marketing scheme" in mind. No copying or mimicking. Just being me.

How? Let me tell you.

I followed MY heart. How I felt. How I wanted to teach. How yoga made me feel walking in to a studio. No clicks. No whispering. No silence. No judging. Good music and talking about life. Real life. 

There are things you just can not duplicate. You can write it, post it, and attempt it. If you are not yourself, it may not work so take note.

My heart lead me to a classroom and a amazing space in Brick Township. One vision, a big heart and AMAZING people.

Heart, drive, passion and  people that believed in me.

Thank you to the "friends" that said I could never do it. And the ones that don't talk to me anymore. You continue to motivate me everyday. 

Happy Birthday my friends and family. 

Thank you for listening.

Thank you for understanding when I mess up.

Thank you for wiping the tears.

Thank you your continued support.

Thank you for making me smile.

Thank you for ALWAYS having my back.

Thank you for being your TRUE authentic self.

Thank you for trusting me and the amazing teachers at SUKHA.

You all hold a special place in my heart. You are all doing so great with your practice. Keep it up. This world needs more people like you. Compassionate, kind, mindful, gentle, disciplined, aware and enlightened. 

You are not just practicing when you are in a pose, you're practicing when you delete crappy people out of your life so your mental energy is not consumed by hating or judging and can be directed to more beautiful and useful things, like becoming the amazing person you already are.

Yoga is life changing.

Yoga changes your body.

Yoga changes your mind.

Yoga changes your emotions.

Yoga changes your attitude.

Yoga changes your life.

It has certainly changed mine.

Here's to many more years on the mat and off. 

Thank you my friends. 

More AMAZING news to come.






Speaking Your Truth

Well, here it goes my friends. It has to be blogged one of these days and tonight is the perfect time to speak my truth about something I have been holding back on for a while now.

As many of you know, I have not been practicing for too long. My story is short and sweet and pretty f'in cool.

I tried it, I loved it, I went to training, I starting teaching, Recreation asked me to teach yoga, it grew, and grew. And here I am today. The truth. Two studios later. Minus a few "friends". But I have gained a shit load more. That are my family. Real, genuine people who practice yoga at SUKHA. They respect me, the teachers, and most of all the SUKHA Philosophy. 

Years ago when I was living in NYC. I was living uptown and Maria was living downtown, I remember her telling me she was going to study to be a yoga teacher. Yoga was not big then. BUT, if anyone would be a yoga instructor it was her. You see, my impression of a yogi, was always someone like Maria. Since the day I met her in 1986. Sweet, caring, honest, real and she would do anything for anyone. Maria never got angry. Maria always spoke her truth. Maria is a good friend. A friend who is proud of my accomplishments, a friend who teaches, a friend who does not lie, a friend who asks for advice and a friend who gives amazing advice.

So, years later, I always thought that ALL YOGIS were like Maria. The Truth.

I was wrong. After the Squan studio grew, I grew, my yoga community grew and I began to get heat. And I am still getting it. #everydamnday. From who? Just guess.

It is getting old. The mystery phone calls from other studios, the yoga instructors walking into SUKHA South giving false names, looking at my sign in book instead in my eyes and pretending they are someone they are not just to get information, the instructors that were hell bent on getting my book of business so they can bring it to another studio. The list goes on.

Are these people truly practicing yoga? They may be physically practicing, but are they practicing the Five Yamas?

Let's just talk about the second shall we?

Yama 2: Satya TRUTHFULNESS-seeing and reporting things as they are rather than the way we would like them to be.

REFRAIN FROM TELLING LIES and speak with kindness, compassion and clarity. 

If you have any questions, my fellow yogis, please call me directly stating your real name. If you want to come in a take a peak, tell me where you really teach and what your intentions are. Want to grab a bite to eat? Call me. Let's Chat. I am lots of fun. Come take a class or ask any of the SUKHA Family. I am sure they will fill you in.

I am not perfect. I announce that I am not perfect. I may not teach the yoga philosophy in all of my classes, but my dharma talks always go to a yoga teaching in some way. And I ALWAYS speak my truth. Sometimes too much. This blog is a perfect example.

I am not focused on being Instagram famous or being a Ambassador for a clothing line.

My number one focus is to make feel people comfortable, happy, confident and to teach yoga in a non-intimidating atmosphere and have fun while doing so. 

Helping others is very important to me. Volunteering my time for LOCAL charities and foundations without a reward in return.

The communities where I teach have been so kind to me and it is my turn to give back.

So, the bottom line is. Speak your truth. Be kind. Practice yoga off the mat. If you teach it, make sure you practice.

I am not competing with anyone. That is not my goal. You run your business and I will run my business. So.....MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS.








16,802 Days Living

Well it's that time once again. Where the f*#k did time go?

Yesterday morning in class I shared SOME of the things I have learned in the 16,802 days living. I have decided that sounds better than 46 years OLD! OLD. That just sounds WRONG!

I have been debating all day if I should share it here, but I decided not to. Typing as everything came to mind. In no particular order. Bullet points. A few words. Some emotional. Some embarrassing and well, some brutally honest. Not feeling 100% comfortable sharing it all publicly. Only sharing it with those who truly know me, respect me and "get me". No judging. No assuming, and no gossiping. It is amazing how one can just open up in front of 25+ people at 6:00 in the morning.

I thank you all for listening without judgement and being a part of my life.

This year was amazing. Kelsey had a great freshman year finishing in honors and top ten percent of her class. She met new friends, cheered, worked and studied her ass off.

Patrick had great grades, play hard in hoops and hit incredible on the field finishing the baseball season with 18 home runs!!

Although I do not fill my Facebook feed with photos of all of their accomplishments, I am so proud of them. I can not and will not take all of the credit. Woody was Kelsey's Honors Biology study partner and Patrick's coach off the field. Co-parenting!! JUST DO IT people!!

This year I had a goal. And well, I achieved it. Bringing SUKHA to Brick! Creating a "Non-Intimidating" Yoga Studio to a second location. 

I could not have done it without the support and love from the family at SUKHA Squan. Thank you!

And, of course. Matt. Thank you for a great year! Thank you for all of your help, creativity and putting up with my determination throughout the process. 

So, what have I learned? Here are just a few things from this past year

  • Always ask for help
  • Let go of things you can't control
  • It feels AMAZING to help others and volunteer as much as you can
  • You will have critics and haters. 
  • It's never too late to start
  • You are never too old
  • Your kids are not you. We teach them, love and support them. You can't change them. They are not you
  • Perfection is boring
  • Social Media makes people crazy
  • It's not about the likes. It's about how many people you have touched and inspired. (and not by wearing and posing in fancy yoga clothes)
  • Yoga (if practiced correctly) helps you found out who you really are. 
  • Do your own thing. One day you will be gone. 
  • Many women just don't like other women. Especially when they succeed.
  • Stalkers will stalk. Haters will hate. Don't do either.
  • Confidence is attractive
  • The 3 P's-Personality. Place. People! 

There is so much more. That's the non-emotional, clean version.

Thank you all for always listening, sharing, liking, and truly being a friend. 

Thank you to those who are are the critics and the haters. You motivate me #everydamnday. Even at 16,802 days living!

Life is good.

Be happy

Be healthy

Be strong






A Father's Day "Presence"

Happy Father's Day to all of the amazing men that wear the title of "Dad" proudly and legitimately.  Hardworking, supportive, loving, caring, fun, and present. I respect all of you that wear each of those badges on your sleeve every day and continue to do so until you leave this earth. 

Life is short and the days seem to fly by more now than ever before. Enjoy the time you have with your children.

Doctor, Lawyer, Police Officer, Bartender, Teacher, Coach, Salesman. Whatever profession it is; spend the time no matter how old or tired you may be.

Don't let divorce, a new wife, girlfriend or an addiction ever come between you and your children. 

Your son; he has your mannerisms. Your oldest daughter  has your coloring and sensitivity and the youngest daughter; has your love for music and stubbornness.

Your grandchildren; well they have...

The athletic talent and the ocean blue eyes.


The proud grandfather.

The present father.

Be that.


Be it all until you just can't be.

The one very important man that I never had enough time with. And that human being that my children never met. My father.

A void.

A completely empty feeling that will never be filled.

The love, the light, the emptiness that fills my soul is my children. I wish he would have met them in person instead of on screen and photo prints. 

Be proud.

Be the love.

Be present.


You never met him. Only pictures and a few stories.

He was a good man with a bad disease.

He had your eyes of blue.

He had your passion for sports.

Each of you are a part of him.

He was your Grandpa Tom.


You have his eyes of blue.

You have his passion for sports.

He is your Father.

Each of you are a HUGE part of him.

Happy Father's Day Woody!

You are a great dad! 

Her eyes light up when she sees you.

His energy level rises when you talk about any sport. Anytime.

They both can tell a joke with that "Woody" humor.

Thank you for all that you do!

Happy Father's Day to all!

Be Happy.

Be Healthy.

Be Strong.





Snapchat's Aprils Fool's Joke and Sukha's April Fool's Joke

We all know that Instagram pretty much copied Snapchat.

This April Fool's Day, Snapchat decide to play a joke on Instagram by rolling our a filter that looks almost exactly like Instagram's story interface.

This April Fool's Day fell on a Saturday. 

My dharma for Saturday was done by Thursday night totally not thinking that April Fool's Day was Saturday. But that's okay because my Sunday 8:00 am crew is the best crew to play a joke on; and indeed that is what I did.

It didn't take me too long and the playlist was a breeze.

As always, they started piling in at 7:35, coffee, mingling, laughing, and buying new SUKHA tanks.

Then 7:59 came around and I started to shake and get a pit in my stomach as if this joke was not a joke.

I had them all lay on their mats. Most did. The ones who always sit up, did not. I made them. Telling them I had something very important to tell them.

I heard "Oh no, this doesn't sound good".

It isn't I said. In fact it is bad news.

I received a call from Rec saying that the pub crawl was not professional and risky and they decided to close down Sukha North!!

Well; mostly all sprung up, Martha looked like she was going to kick someone's ASS. I tried so hard not to laugh. I kept a very straight face. And asked them to please all relax and let's practice.

And it was a very, very, Belated April Fool's Day at SUKHA. Well done, I must admit. Funny as shit too!!!

For those reading this that may wish it was true, sorry folks. It was a joke. Not going anywhere, but location number 2 in Brick!!!!

Love you all!

Thank you for making it amazing to love what I do everyday!!