Leaders and Followers

"The one who follows the crowd will usually get no further than the crowd.

The one who walks alone, is likely to find himself in places no one has ever been"-Albert Einstein

There are two parts to this blog about being a leader and not a follower and followers, likes, and friends on social media. It is a very broad topic.

That seems to be a word that comes up often these days. Followers.

How many do you have on Instagram  and Facebook? Does it even matter? Does it define who you are as a person or as a business? Are these followers paid for? Are you the one buying them? Are they even relevant to you or your business? 

We are in a world of friends, followers, and fans through a device for our own personal agenda.

Don't get me wrong,  social media is a great way of connecting with old friends and making new ones and for a business, well; it is a must.  All businesses should be on all social media outlets having followers that pertain to your business in your PMA. If you are in a business where you can sell all over the world; get it out there!!! Or if you are looking to get famous; good luck.

What is more important, 10k followers or 100 that will actually engage with you or your business?

Teens are obsessed and adults; maybe even more so.

A recent study found that one in five people say they feel depressed as a result of using social media due to stress of constantly monitoring status updates, likes, followers and people presenting MOST LIKELY a false picture of lives to the online community.

The last few months, I have been talking to people and running analytics on my posts and what I am finding is very interesting.

I post. For SUKHA and pictures of my kids and life. I enjoy sharing. Some get 3 likes, some 103. The blogs that get 3 likes, have actually been read by 116 people with over 4,000 visitors to my website in a month. People silently scroll, read and will bring it to my attention in person, but do not hit the like button. Why?

I found the answers from online sources and some personally.

1. I don't like it because you don't follow me back. (grow up)

2 .I don't like it because you don't like my posts. (grow up)

3. I don't like it because it doesn't have more than 20 likes in 5 seconds (grow up)

4. I don't like it because I don't want you to know that I am creeping on your shit at 4:00 am. (gross)

5. I don't like it because I am jealous. (self confidence issues)

6. I don't like it because my BF or GF would be mad. (Be confident in your relationship)

7. I don't like it because other people can see what I like. (Who cares)

8. I don't like it because liking is no way to communicate. (Then send a message or a text or tell in person) I prefer this!! :)

9. I don't like it because I don't like you. (Then please don't follow me)

10. I don't like it because I am not looking at my device 24/7 and the way the algorithm works I may not see your post for 2 days. Don't get yourself in a tizzy. (my answer)

So my friends, I have deleted Facebook off of my phone and is only on my Ipad. I post for SUKHA and on my personal page when I have something to share and will like and comment when I have my ipad. Please do not take it personally.

Social Media is amazing. It brings people together and is great for businesses.

Don't let it consume you, or make you sad or angry and most importantly, don't let it happen to your children. 

Now; back to the real reason for this post.

Are you happy to follow the lead of other people or do you make your own decisions and make things happen by doing your own thing and leading?

We teach our children this but are we doing the same?

Do you stand up or sit back silently and stay put? 

Don't be frightened by the responsibility to stand up and take the lead and make your own decisions.

Let's not spend our lives hiding behind a curtain. Follow your heart and go in the direction YOU WANT TO GO.

If you feel stuck being a follower, you can still lead by inspiring others with your words and actions and show other how to grow.

Continue on your path with love, kindness, determination and live from your heart.

Bottom line....

Who cares about how many followers or likes.

Be a leader with confidence, knowledge, respect, communication and you will fly.