Yoga for Healthy Aging, SUKHA Sweat, Slow Flow, Pilates and More..

Yoga is for everyone!! The benefits are endless. Doctors are prescribing yoga to their patients, kids are learning about yoga and mindfulness in schools and yes, even dogs are practicing yoga!!

At SUKHA, there are classes for everyone. The ones who like to move and sweat and the ones who just like to chill the mind and body. We offer classes for beginners, advanced, intermediate and for anyone recovering from injury or has aches and pains. All classes are guided in a “non-intimidating” way.

Start your week off with Monday Morning Moving Meditation at 9:30 am with Tara. This all level vinyasa flow that will nourish your body breath connection to better calm your mind and open your heart to gratitude for the beautiful week to come.

Maybe you need to relax yourself from a long, hot, weekend with a refreshing, 72 degree, peaceful yoga class. Gentle/slow/relaxing class to prepare you for the work week ahead. Moving your body and the right pace and relaxing your mind to get ready for the week ahead. Join Gloria every Monday at 4:30 pm for peace and serenity for all ages and levels. Enjoy a cold wash cloth with Serenity Essential Oil and ending class with a refreshing Turmeric Tea. You can enjoy a Slow Flow class with Gloria every Thursday at 9:30 am. Slow Flow welcomes all levels of yoga students. This class is ideal for beginners or people getting back into yoga after an injury. You will warm up working our way into a slow flow and then off to relaxation. For those that think that “slow flow” is easy or you are too “advanced” think again. Come and see for yourself.

Are you looking for a bit more heat so you can sweat, build strength and increase flexibility? Join Sarah every Monday at 6:00 pm for SUKHA Sweat. SUKHA Sweat is a warm, vinyasa flow that allows for deep opening of the muscles and the mind. This flow incorporates fun and challenging poses for those who want to play and modifications for all levels--allowing you to move at a pace that suits your body.

The studio temp will be set at 80-85 degrees and additional body heat will be generated as we flow. This is an intermediate class-all levels are welcome.

Tuesday at 9:30 am, Thursday 5:00 pm, Friday 9:30 am and Sunday mornings at 9:00 am at SUKHA are for Motion and Music. Maribeth opens with a Dharma talk that will always hit home followed by an all levels, guided flow with music that will have you singing, laughing and maybe crying. This class consists of basic yoga poses with creative sequencing. You will be guided every step of the way. All levels are welcome.

Are you looking for a challenge and deepen your practice but feel nervous? Don’t be afraid of the challenge!! During Amy’s 6:30 pm class you will transition quickly, often building upon a base sequence to create one long moving meditation of movement and strength. This class is intermediate to advance. As always; all levels are welcome.

Looking to completely relax and restore after Amy’s class or after a long day? What better way to end the day and get ready for a peaceful night sleep with Candlelight elight Restorative Yoga with Danielle at 8:00 pm every Tuesday.

Restorative Yoga helps you to remember how to find the calm in the storm, have strength from within and revitalize yourself so that you feel whole again. By stilling our bodies with restorative yoga, we create space for rest and restoration, which lets the body’s natural healing process take place. Deep states of relaxation create an opportunity to connect with our inner essence, healing themind, body and spirit. In Candlelight , students will practice restorative poses, long luscious holds, breathwork, mantras and meditation on;using props to support relaxation of the whole body. This is an extremely gentle class to clear your mind and relax your body, and is appropriate for all levels, offering the perfect balance to a more active practice. The instructor combines a calming combination of Restorative Yoga and the ancient Japanese technique of Reiki. Using light touch or by simply applying energy work to the space in the room, Reiki activates the natural healing processes of the body and restores physical and emotional well being. No experience with Reiki is needed to attend this class. This class is capped at 15, so be sure to sign up early!!

Do you rise and shine at the crack of dawn and ready to start your day by 6:00 am? SUKHA offers two 6:00 am classes every Wednesday and Friday with Crystal. Wake up the body and ignite the fire within you so you can meet the day head on. All levels welcome.

Mid morning classes continue with Tara as she reads every Wednesday at 9:30 am from Journey to the Heart.

Beginning each class with a daily reflection from the book Journey to the Heart, by Melody Beattie, this all levels, beginner friendly Hatha Flow style class will explore a deeper layer of your physical yoga practice beyond the traditional warrior.

Journey to the Heart will inspire students to connect more deeply with their own unique purpose and inner joy and leave them feeling refreshed and revitalized and ready to enjoy the day.

New to SUKHA, starting 10/2 at 4:30- Yoga for Healthy Aging with Mary!! We all start to age from the day we are born. It is important to focus on our health at every stage, 20, 30, 40, 99!! This class will focus on a practice that works toward meeting each yogi’s individual health goals. We will work on strength, flexibility, agility, balance and stress management with options for each posture. This class is based on the teachings of Baxter Bell, M.D. and Nina Zolotow. Mary Piersa is a certified Yoga for Healthy Aging Instructor.

Pilates is a great compliment to yoga. Pilates helps improve flexibility, tones and increases muscle strength of your abdominal muscles lower back, hips and butt. No experience necessary. Join Pilates Peg every Wednesday and Saturday for a one hour Mat Pilates class focusing on improving strength, flexibility and endurance for the small muscle groups of the entire body. Using bands, weights, rings, and gliders as props to make the class challenging and fun. Open to all levels and modifications are always offered.

Saturday is Yoga with Jake at 9:00 am. This Saturday morning class consists of all levels. Every Saturday is different with Jake. From partner poses to Kudalini, Jake does it all and has a blast doing so. All levels welcome. This class offers adjustments and modifications. Great for beginners, intermediate and advanced.

Do you like to sleep in on Sunday and not in the mood to flow? Every Sunday Cathy will be back starting 10/6 at 10:30 am guiding you through a gentle/restorative yoga class. All levels are welcome to this relaxing class. Each class will include gentle yoga poses to warm and stretch the body, followed by calming, restorative poses which allow the body’s natural healing process to take place. Meditation, pranayama (breath control) and essential oils will be used to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, allowing the body to prepare to relax and restore.

From now until 9/30 new friends can buy one month for $70 and get one month FREE!! SUKHA has a great schedule and non-intimidating instructors to guide you if it’s your first time or if you have been practicing for years.

Donation Class for Big Hearts to Little Hearts Saturday 10/5 Point Pleasant Beach 8:00 am $10 suggested donation. Guided by Maribeth Woodford

Keep a Breast Donation Class Schedule

10/8 6:30 pm Amy

10/12 8:00 am Pilates with Peg

10/20 9:00 am Maribeth

Friday 10/25 5:30 pm Gloria

Full Moon Awakening Workshop

Sunday 10/13

4:00 pm-6:00 pm

Yoga, Meditation and Malas with Maribeth Woodford and Krista Lyn from Krista Lyn Designs.

Early Bird Sign Up Discount $35 (See Facebook Page for link)

After 9/30 $40 cash at studio

Call 877-SUKHA-11 for any questions you have regarding yoga, workshops, teacher training and pricing.

New Workshops at SUKHA

Today I announced a new teacher at SUKHA via email.

Lexy is a lover of humans, culture, astrology, holistic healing, traditional Chinese medicine, and plant based nutrition. Lexy found out at 20 years old she was called to share the healing powers of yoga. Since then she has accumulated 578 hours. She has learned under Jessie Haims, Dylan Werner, Matt Giordano, Benjamin Sears, Phillip and Ivy Askew, Abbie and Nevine Michaan from Katonah, Sam Vetrano of Bodhi Movement, Dana Falsetti, and Tina Bock. She is currently on working on becoming a Katonah teacher. A yoga influenced by Taoist beliefs. Putting the magic squares in the body, and viewing the body as a house. A house you can have party’s in, but being given the proper tools to clean the house up after you party. Getting good blood flow through the heart, oxygen to the lungs, detoxing the liver, and flushing the kidneys. She study’s birth chart reading in NYC with Shirley Soffer, and is reiki attuned.

Lexy’s will be teaching “Effort & Grace”-a meditative class that moves with the season every Monday at 9:30. This class will start with movement and heat-spring and summer, ending with restorative passive postures and guided meditation-autumn and winter.

Spring brings growth, summer allows the growth to ripen, autumn sheds layers, winter brings stillness to give nature a moment to be still so it can be re-born.

Lexy will be holding her first workshop at SUKHA Saturday, November 10 at 10:30 am. Details will be posted soon. Stay Tuned.

Please welcome Lexy to the SUKHA Community.

We are all creatures of habit. Keep in mind that by attending different classes with different teachers will introduce you to new poses that work different muscles and challenge your body in different ways. Your form will improve and you may discover a whole new style that you will love. And the best reason why you should take all of the teachers classes: You will add another positive, caring person to your life that will guide you through the most life changing practice in the world!

Now I would like to announce the two amazing workshops that will be added to the schedule.

Teachings of Katonah Yoga

For this workshop Lexy will introduce the teachings of katonah yoga ™. Katonah is a style of yoga created by Nevine Michaan using Taoist theory by putting the magic squares in your body. Nevine specializes in body reading and teaches this to her students. During a body reading you will learn which area of your body needs more attention so you can get the full effect out of your poses. We create patterns in life that manipulate our posture. This method of yoga will help you bring consciousness on where center is. One example; when you twist in low lunge do you feel like your lungs are compacted? If so, you’re not at true center. Your lungs should feel open and free. We can work on this. Working on your weaknesses and giving a break to strengths so they don’t become your weakness. For example wrist pain. Do you ever try flipping your wrist for a yoga flow? This can prevent pain and injury. This gives your strength a time breath, and builds on your weakness to support your strength. Lexy has trained 20 hours under Katonah and is plans on becoming a
Katonah instructor in the future. In this workshop she will go though a short flow to see where each individuals body has manipulated their center. Hand out materials, show a video, and body read in either mountain pose, reverse namaste, and seated bound angle pose. So you get a idea of where center is. This article is written by Abbie Galvin one of the teachers Nevine has trained. See article below.
This workshop will be held Saturday, November 10 at 10:30 am. The cost is $25

Birth Chart Interpretations Novice Level Workshop

Do you ever get asked what your moon sign is and have no idea what’s being said? Do you feel like you don’t resonate with your sun sign, and have no idea what a birth chart is? Or have a deep curiosity of which planet represents and how it effects you? Then this workshop is for you! In this workshop Lexy will give you explanations on the planets, the houses, and how to better understand your chart. You will given proper tools to be able to go home and understand your chart more. This will not be a birth chart reading, but birth guidance. Please bring in a print out of your birth chart. Time and location of birth are important to know! You can get your birth chart from website below by clicking “birth chart”

This workshop will be held Sunday, January 13 at 12:00 pm $25

These will be on the SUKHA APP. Please pay in advance to hold your spot. Katonah Yoga will be capped at 10.