Love Your BOOBIES!

Thank you to everyone who attended both donation classes and made donations. SUKHA hit the goal and raised $1,225!!

We Love Boobies!! Let’s save them by living a clean, healthy, toxic free life. Obviously there are some things we can’t fully control. Genetics and our environment but we can take action with preventative solutions such as diet, supplements, diet, exercise and less trips to the drug store.

The last few weeks I have been some research on our armpits and boobies and the things we can do to prevent the “C” word.

“Over 85 percent of the lymph fluid flowing from the breast drains to the armpit lymph nodes. Most of the rest drains to the nodes along the breast bone. Bras and other external tight clothing can impede flow”-Michael Schachter, MD.

If you ask any holistic women’s health Practitioner they will tell you that breast heath is a daily thing, and us women need to take it more seriously. We have so many unhealthy breast practices, from ill fitting bras to diets high in inflammatory foods and cooking oils. But no one wants to live in fear constantly right? So what can we do to help our boobies stay healthier and lymph system work well?

DILUTE and apply these three topically as often as you can:

Frankincense supports our breast heath on the cellular level, used topically or internally Frankincense has been shown to reduce instances of free radicals impacting our body, increase cellular vitality and support cellular renewal.

Clary Sage is considered the “women’s tonic herb” and it also functions as a tonic for our breasts.  Apply topically for skin support, tenderness, and circulation support.

Cypress supports normal circulation of fluids in our body. Use topically in clockwise motions aimed towards the underarms to help the lymph fluid flow and restore circulation to areas under compression from clothing.

So, for years we put deodorant on everyday, sometimes twice or three times a day not knowing exactly what harmful ingredients are in them. Here is just a little “secret” list of the toxins that may make you think about your next trip to the “drug” store when you need deodorant.

Aluminum is the ingredient in antiperspirants that actually clogs your pores and prevents sweating. Aluminum exposure has been linked with the development of Alzheimer’s disease and interferes with your estrogen levels. When your body can’t process estrogen properly, there’s a higher risk for breast and prostate cancer.

Parabens is a chemical that is used in a lot of products these days as a preservative, but it is possibly one of the most harmful additives of all. Sometimes parabens act as estrogen in your body, which disrupts hormonal balances and has been linked to breast cancer and prostate cancer


These additives are the product of ethoxylation (weakening of harsh chemical in the manufacturing process), which simultaneously produces carcinogens and dioxanes.


The FDA has classified triclosan as a pesticide, yet it is in the majority of brand name deodorants. It’s used to kill bacteria in the manufacturing process, as well as when it comes in contact with your skin. When triclosan is combined with water it can also create a carcinogenic gas called chloroform.

Propylene Glycol

If used everyday, this chemical can cause damage to your central nervous system, heart and liver. It is also shown to irritate skin, especially if you have sensitive skin. Propylene glycol can be harmful at as small a percentage as 2%, yet deodorants generally have a high dose of 50% propylene glycol.


Triethanolamine (TEA) and diethanolamine (DEA) are chemicals can seep into your skin and affect your liver and kidneys. In fact, they’re so harmful that these two chemicals have already been banned from products in Europe because they are known carcinogens

It is so crazy for all these years we are buying harmful products that are advertised and marked as “clean” with a “fresh scent”.

So here’s the deal. I have tried many products that are marked natural and by hour 4 of my long day, I started to stink like a number 11 on the sub list! Until 3 weeks ago when I attended convention, purchased my kit and the first thing I tried was the new Balance deodorant from doterra. Smells amazing ALL DAY long and no chemicals!

  • Features CPTG® essential oils of Spruce, Ho Leaf, Frankincense, Blue Tansy, Blue Chamomile, and Osmanthus

  • Aluminum, paraben, phthalate, and talc free

  • Arrowroot powder aids in absorbing underarm moisture leaving you feeling fresh and dry throughout the day

  • Baking soda helps to neutralize and prevent odors


Starting today, I am offering a “I love my BOOBIES” special until 10/31.

If you purchase a kit, or the three “I love my BOOBIES” oil care kit, you will receive a FREE Balance Deodorant,..

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5 ml bottles of frankincense, lemon, peppermint, lavender, tea tree, oregano, deep blue, digest zen, breathe, on guard. A perfect starter kit.

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In this kit you will receive

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If you purchase the Dream Collection, you will receive a FREE month of unlimited yoga and pilates at SUKHA plus the three “I Love my BOOBIES” oils in a 5ml bottle.

This amazing kit includes: (savings of $174)

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  • Kids Oil Collection

The Kids Collection is amazing for all ages. Kids or no kids. This kit is included in the Dream Collection. This kit is formulated for developing minds, bodies and emotions. Flashcards, carrying case, and carabiners included. Get the kids to start learning about what their bodies needs throughout their day.

Nature or drug store?

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#samehere #ditto

Happy Monday!! I hope those who have off today are finding time to relax, disconnect and take time for yourself or spend time with your family and friends.

This weekend was non-stop for me with so many great things happening at the studio. Thank you to everyone who attended the Keep A Breast Donation Class with Amy. We raised $500 towards our goal. Next class will be Sunday, 10/14 with me at 9:00 am.

Thank you to Hug Your Chaos for a powerful workshop on the Real-Life, No Bullshit way of healing our chakras.

Sunday, my dharma was inspired by so many different situations that came up for me.

The first of many was the blog written by Lori. The blog was read by many and then it happened. The comments “I had no idea”, “ We never realize how much we all have in common” and even Amy’s powerful dharma for the donation class about her story. (You can read Lori’s blog below)/ There have been so many women last week that have the same situation going on right now or have in the past.

In a nut-shell; many reactions were “me too” as well as so many other situations we find out about when we share our story.

Now “Me Too” does not always mean the most powerful and popular hash tag among women right now. It should not only be characterized by sexual harassment.

It’s everyday struggles. Struggles from the past and the present. Addiction, physical, mental abuse, anxiety, depression, weight struggles, self esteem, mommy issues, daddy issues or any form of illness or diseases.

I created this space because it allowed me to start the healing process by speaking and sharing my stories for the first time ever. Sharing and teaching what I am learning to heal wounds so I can continue to be a better mom, daughter, sister, aunt, teacher, business owner, x-wife, and girlfriend.

Healing is a life long journey and providing tools and a space so we can heal.

So, whatever it is that you are going through, I can guarantee that someone else in this room is going through the same thing. Whatever it may be. Expressing our imperfections and struggles allows people to say “it’s okay”, “me too” or maybe we should create our own hashtag!! #sameheresukha #ditto. Ha ha. Just did! #dittosukha

Remember. it’s okay to ask for help and a shoulder to lean and or cry on. Having a space and a community to share and heal; it’s a wonderful place to be.

It is also okay to not always be “FINE”. (Feelings Inside Not Expressed).

I am going to close this blog with a quote by Cheryl Strayed

“Let yourself be gutted. Let it open you. START HERE”



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One Word That Shakes a Resilient Woman

You can never tell what the person beside you is going through.”They make broken look beautiful, strong look invincible. They may walk with the universe on their shoulders and make it look like a pair of wings”. Be kind and compassionate always. It costs $0!

Today, I would like to share with you a story, close to home, from the Sukha Community. A real story of a resilient, beautiful, brave, intelligent, healthy woman. This story will empower and educate you. Thank you Lori for sharing you story. xoxoxo

I am a very resilient woman.  As a I child, I did not have money.  In fact, I was the poor kid in a rich town.  I did not have a father, he struggled with addiction and lost everything including us.  I did not have enough structure at home to create a strong academic foundation, so I was placed in low level classes despite my high IQ.  I also did not have role models who were like me. I was a gay child, growing up in a small town full of straight white people. Everyone was the same, except for me.  I had something that no one else had though, I had grit.

Flashforward 39 years and I am financially secure.  I have cultivated a strong family structure with my wife and two daughters.  As far as academics go, I have gone all the way. I put myself through my undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral program and finished with a perfect GPA.  Literally perfect. I never scored less than perfect on any quiz, test, or homework assignment. I am a respected public school principal, published author, and established LGBTQ advocate.  

So what could shake this resilient woman that is full of grit?  One word. Cancer. My mother had breast cancer when I was in middle school and survived.  Thank god for her strength because she was all that my three siblings and I had. My father got clean when I was 21, he worked hard to rejoin our lives, and then he died of prostate cancer when I was 23.  My father was diagnosed before Christmas and passed away before Labor Day. The delicate balance between life and death left an indelible imprint on my brain. Life can change in the blink of an eye.

This summer I received a phone call regarding my recent mammogram.  Due to my family history (did I mention that my sister had a partial hysterectomy at the age of 35 due to cervical cancer?) I have received mammograms and MRI’s ever six months since I was 30.  I was told not to worry but that I needed an ultrasound on my right breast to get a better look at an area of concern. While at the ultrasound appointment I was told that I would need an ultrasound biopsy on the right breast and an MRI-guided biopsy on the left breast for two other areas of concern.  At first I went right to the worst place in my mind, I am dead within a year and my children grow up without me. Then I thought about how on top of my health I am. I am very health conscious. I eat a mainly organic and anti-inflammatory diet and I exercise regularly. I manage my stress through spirituality, yoga, and mindfulness and I am diligent about physicals and check ups.

I went through the MRI biopsy which consisted of being clamped in to a bed by my breast and remaining face down with my arms above my head for two and half hours while they drilled (yes drilled!) into two parts of my breast.  I am pretty sure that these procedures were developed by a man (sorry guys!). Thank God for yoga and meditation because it was certainly put to the test during this procedure.

I was sent home to recover and told not to do anything active or pick up anything more than 5 pounds for a few days.  This was really easy as a mother of a 2 year old and 4 year (sarcasm). In a week I was told that two of the three areas were benign but they could not get to the third area and that I could either come back in to have another MRI biopsy (hell no!  If they could not get it the first time, why would I put myself through that again?), wait and see if the area changes (ummmm, no), or see a breast specialist. There was very little guidance and I should mention that my gynecologist never called me to assist me in any decision making or see how I was doing.

I have since been to Memorial Sloan Kettering and one of the best breast specialists in the state.  Both doctors were stunned to learn that I was left to my own devices with this kind of medical decision-making.  I learned that my family history and make up of my breast tissue placed me at the highest level of risk for breast cancer.  I will undergo two lumpectomies this month to then have the areas biopsied (they do not trust the pathology of the imaging center and would like to check all of the areas).  I will not be able to drive for a few weeks and I will not be able to be active for at least four weeks, however, I am hopeful that the outcome will be benign. I will undergo genetic counseling once the procedure is done to see if I am a carrier for cancer and if so, my best way to fight it.  

Here are the takeaways from my experience:

  1. Be on top of your health.  Go to your routine check ups, get your bloodwork done, no excuses!  I have two children below the age of five and a full-time job. As a public school principal it was not convenient to go to doctor appointments during the first month of school but I found time to check in on my health, you can too.

  2. You will always be your best advocate.  Check yourself regularly and if you need to see a doctor, ask a lot of questions.  If you do not feel like you are being evaluated by the best, go to the best.

  3. Get a second opinion.  When you have your health, you have everything.  Get a second opinion, your health is important.

  4. A cancer scare or diagnosis is terrifying but everyone is fighting their own personal battle. Be kind to everyone whom you come in contact with. It might just be the extra support that they needed.

Be well!

Lori (the badass principal with the partially shaved head)

As you know we are all coming together to raise awareness for Breast Cancer this month teaming up with Fit 4 Prevention and Keep a Breast Foundation.

Amy will be teaching the first donation class Saturday 10/6 at 9:00 am and Maribeth, Sunday 10/14 at 9:00 am. $12 suggested minimum donation to take the class.

Keep A Breast Foundation is a nonprofit organization with a mission to empower young people around the world with breast health, education and support.

You can donate here…..By donating through this link, your donation will go directly to Keep A Breast. If you would like to donate at the studio, you can write a check payable to Keep A Breast or Fit 4 Prevention. There will be a donation box for cash at the desk as well.

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