Welcome Jake Stepan

It is my pleasure to announce a new substitute teacher to SUKHA South! Please welcome Jake Stepan!

Jake came to SUKHA about a month ago. He attended a few of Amy's classes, then made his way to one of my classes.

After watching him flow, I looked at him and said "looks like you have done this before". After class Jake told me he graduated from Teacher Training in March.  Instant connection. Personality, smile, confidence and his love for music!

Jake will be subbing at SUKHA South whenever he is available. Keep looking for some "pop-up"classes in Brick with Jake!

Here is a short bio on Jake and his yoga journey

Bio - I started doing Yoga about 15 years ago.  I was a rabid Basketball and Tennis player but kept pulling muscles and when I'd get out of bed the day after playing 3 sets of tennis I felt like the tin man.  I had a realization that is I didn't start stretching (doing yoga) I wasn't going to be able to walk when I was 80.  I went on cruise, did yoga every other day and have been hooked ever since.  A nice plus - my flexibility increased and I became better at both.  

Since then my yoga journey has continued and brought me nothing but joy.  Its been "an excellent adventure" starting with an Asana practice but its become so much more and deepersukha!  I completed my 200 hour Teacher Training with Jessie Shapiro (rock star!) in March focusing on Vinyasa but was exposed to many other styles of yoga and the "8 Limbs".  My favorite is Kundalini, love the energy work - check it out!


I look forward to spending time with you on the mat and sharing with you the joy that yoga brings us and our community!