Gyspy Souls Teacher Training with Maria Preuster

It is my pleasure to announce the first Teacher Training at SUKHA with Advanced Certified Jivamukti Teacher Maria Preuster!!! GYPSY SOULS Teacher Training!

Gypsy Souls 200 - 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course is designed to enhance the trainee’s existing Yoga practice, cultivate teaching skills, and most importantly increase spiritual awareness.  

Divided into three modules, the first two are designed for first time TT’s and total 200 hours.  The last module is optional and is an additional 100 hours.  This last 100 hours is open to any 200 hour trained teacher.  It is specifically designed to provide a foundation to teach from and build confidence to branch off from that foundation intelligently.   This training is not for those who view Yoga merely as a form of exercise.  It is recommended that you are genuinely interested in going deeper into the Yoga philosophy.  The end goal should be to serve the students in a selfless manner.  

Mandatory attendance is required for lectures and workshops on Saturday and Sunday and some Friday nights on Holiday weekends. Additional optional satsang hours on weeknights will be offered but limited and are not mandatory.  Daily asana and meditation practice will be logged and reviewed weekly.  You will be offered unlimited classes at host yoga centers Sukha and Sukha South.

In addition to completing modules, the trainee must successfully pass evaluation for FLOW, BASIC, and PRIVATE class.  

MODULE 1= 7 weekends = 100 hours$1200

9/23&24. 10/7&10/8. 10/21&10/22. 11/4&11/5. 11/18&11/19. 12/2&12/3. 12/16&12/17

* Satsang Lecture /  Guru Lecture / Devotional Practices

  • Breaking things down - teaching beginners - alignment
  • Eight Limbs of Patanjali
  • Yoga & Vedantic Philosophy 
  • Introduction to Sanskrit & Chanting
  • Basic Anatomy

MODULE 2= 7 weekends = 100 hours $1200

1/13&1/14. 1/27&1/28. 2/10&2/11. 2/24&2/25. 3/3&3/4. 3/17&3/18. FRIDAY 3/29& 

  • Karma Lecture / Chakra Lecture
  • Flow / Open class level sequencing 
  • Meditation/ guided and personal / relaxation techniques 
  • Introduction to Pranayama - breathing exercises
  • Yoga as a Business

MODULE 3 = 5 weekends = 100 hours $900

4/14&4/15. 4/28&4/29. FRIDAY night 5/12, 6/9, 6/10, 6/23, 6/24

  • Effectively Communicating to a variety of audiences ( kids, seniors, & special needs)
  • Branching off into advanced asana
  • The art of hands on adjustments
  • Teaching Privates
  • Incorporating chanting, stories, and philosophy into your classes

Our goal is to give individualized personal attention so we are capping the training at 12 people.  A payment plan is available for all modules.  Please send all questions to: