Don't Speed Through Life-A Note to my Daughter on her 17th Birthday

Life has bumps, roadblocks, twists and turns.

Take one road trip at a time.

Don’t forget to slow down and stop when you are running low on gas.

There will be rain drops falling from your beautiful, blue eyes.

Let them fall.

Turn on the wipers and keep “Moving Forward”. You will only “Go Further”.

Your heart is your engine and is full of kindness, love, compassion, honesty, intelligence and authenticity. All of these combined creates that beautiful explosion that will continue to grow and allow you to move everyday at any speed you wish..

Certain days will test you.

You may get overheated and blow a gasket from time to time and that’s okay. Recognize it, take a deep breath, turn up the radio, sing and let it go.

Regardless of your age, how many miles you have driven; you will encounter setbacks. There is no guarantee you won’t break down but always remember to service the issue, re-ignite and start again..

Seeing the world may seem like a long shot now; but that’s “The Power of Dreams”. Follow sign that points you in the right direction.

Meet new friends and eliminate the blue exhaust from your life and never change for anyone but yourself. From time to time, periodically check your surroundings and be sure you are with the positive chargers and disconnect with the negative.

At seventeen, you are looking to speed through life. Don’t.



Listen and enjoy every moment, every view and smell every flower.

Don’t be reckless with your life and with money.

Keep your eyes on this life at all times. You will be distracted from all forces.

Focus on the road and your destination.

Trust your skills and your journey.

Follow your heart and create your own map.

Let nobody take control of the wheel unless it is necessary.

“You are the driver of your own life, don’t let anyone steal your seat”-unknown

Striving, thriving and driving through this journey of life. Happy 17th Birthday. I love you Kelsey. You inspire me everyday. Your hard work, motivation is truly amazing. Never let any friend, boyfriend or teacher speak down to you or tell you anything differently. Be confident, strong, and keep your eyes on the road. Life is one hell of a bumpy road. I know that you can overcome any detour.

Be safe


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