New Classes at SUKHA

I am so excited to announce new classes at SUKHA this summer.

There will be three new classes with three amazing women who practice at SUKHA.

Gentle Yoga with Cathy Higgins!!!

Cathy will be teaching every Sunday at 10:30.

Here is a bit about our friend Cathy:

After 32 years as an elementary teacher, I decided it was time to retire 2 years ago. I had spent 20 years with the Barnegat Twp. school system and another 12 in Jackson Twp. while being married and raising our two boys. Towards the end of my career, I was also battling chronic Lyme disease and coinfections. There were days I had to drag myself out of bed and into school, counting the hours until I could go home and nap. It wasn't fair to my students or me, so I decided it was time to leave.

I had "dabbled" in yoga during different stages of my life: high school, prenatal classes before the birth of our first son, and some Saturday classes at a local studio about 10 years ago. I say, "dabbled" because I never stuck with it. Life got in the way: college, motherhood, work, closed studios, and I let it. That first September that I didn't return to teaching, I was drawn to yoga again. I enrolled in yoga classes being offered by the Ocean County Vocational School adult education program and began taking classes there twice a week. It was hard. Although I was feeling a lot better due to my Lyme treatment, I was pretty out-of-shape and overweight. I could barely hold a plank and downward facing dog was hard, too. I took a lot of child's poses at first, but I pushed myself and I didn't quit. As my body became stronger, I found myself loving how I felt, not just physically, but spiritually. The asana, the teachings, the philosophy, the chanting, I loved it all and I wanted more. I signed up for the Spring session at OCVTS, and when Summer came, I found Sukha...happiness. After taking classes there that summer, I learned about their teacher training program scheduled to begin in September, and I knew I needed to be a part of it. Boy, am I glad that I did! It has changed me for the better, not because I can hold a plank or do chaturanga, it has changed me on the inside, and I strive to be a better person today than I was yesterday. It's hard, the inside work, but SO worth it.

I look forward to helping others learn about yoga, and feeling the difference it can make for them, too.

Slow Flow with Gloria Hermo every Thursday 5:00 pm

Slow Flow
This class welcomes all levels of yoga students, ideal for beginners or people getting back into yoga after an injury. We will warm up working our way into a slow flow, relaxation will include an aromatherapy scalp massage. Sending you on your way feeling confident and relaxed.

Gloria is a RYT-200 who hopes to provide a nurturing and safe space where you can feel comfortable to be yourself while exploring your body as it progresses through patience and practice.
As a licensed massage therapist she focuses on helping clients struggling with injuries offering modifications for their individual needs.
She believes wholeheartedly that yoga inspires a happy healthy way of life. She is honored to join Sukha’s “non-intimidating” community. 

Coming in July "Curvaceous Yoga" with Jenn Cory.

A class for the full figured learning movement and adjustments that suit your souls as well as your body.

Full description, bio and class times to follow.

Please welcome Cathy and Gloria to the SUKHA Teacher Community. 

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New Friends 5 classes for $50. As a courtesy, please download the FREE SUKHA app and sign into class prior to arrival.