Personal Yogis

I hope everyone is having a productive, positive week.

We all know how amazing yoga is. Physically, mentally and spiritually. As we continue to share this with as many people as we can, some are still nervous to get on a yoga mat for so many different reasons. Once they attend, they are in love but some have doubts if they are properly doing the poses correctly and may feel like maybe yoga is not for them because the person in front of them is rockin a pose that they don't think they will be able to do.

At SUKHA, the continuing goal is to make everyone feel comfortable and leave happy. I have decided to add a few options to the studio for EVERYONE.

Are you looking to try yoga, but still not comfortable in a room with other people, and watching you tube videos is really hurting your neck? Are you missing a class time by a few minutes due to work or playing moms taxi?

Well, no more worries my friends. There are options. Lots of options. I am happy to introduce "Personal Yogis" at SUKHA.

There are going to be private yoga sessions available to purchase, with your choice of instructors. You don't have to struggle with arranging your schedule and stressing out to get to class. Maybe you are looking to take your practice a step further and have a one on one so you can learn how to FLY, or bind, or back-bend but have the fear inside a full classroom

If you are looking to try and still have a fear, the fear factors are eliminated!!  We will begin at your level and in a way that feel comfortable to you. 

Do you have health limitations or recovering from illness or injury? A private session with an experienced teacher will enable you to modify poses to meet your needs and heal while keeping you safe. 

You can choose the teacher you wish at at time that is convenient for you and the teacher. All classes must be purchased on-line prior to the class. All privates will be held at SUKHA by a SUKHA instructor.

In-Studio. In-Class Personal Yogi

This is exciting!!! If you attend any SUKHA classes and would like a "Personal Yogi" instructor throughout class for amazing adjustments throughout the entire class and extra guidance, we will have one for you!!! Same deal. Purchase the amount of classes you would like your personal yogi in class; schedule your class with your personal yogi and there you have it!!! A "Personal "Yogi"

1 Session $75

2 Sessions $125

3 Sessions $150

4 Sessions $175

I hope everyone has a great weekend and Happy Mother's Day!!

If your mom is looking for a yoga class; give her a private yogi for Mother's Day!!!

Chair Yoga and Restorative Private Sessions available.


***all classes must be purchased prior session/class

***All privates will ONLY be held at SUKHA.

***Days and times for Private Session to be scheduled with Maribeth (877-SUKHA-11) and the Private Yogi of your choice

**All prices above are for both private and in-class private yogis