Wild Hearts, Driven, Believers in Magic.

Gypsy Souls! And that they are.

Today is a very special day. This mornings class was one for the books. 

Some requested the playlist and that can be found on the private Facebook Group page. If you are not in the group yet, please friend request me and I will add you.

Here is the dharma from today's class. Thank you all as always. The chanting will be posted on Instagram and Facebook later today.

What is a gypsy soul and who are they are why the fuck are we recognizing and celebrating?

A wild heart, born to wander. They are passionate and inspired by different ideas, attitudes and experiences. They are extremely emotional and thrive when they are passionate about something.

Gypsy souls are independent and wants to find their own happiness. They are driven by anything that feeds their souls. Words, rhythms and movements and light the fire within their soul.

They believe in magic, miracles and beautiful surprises. They vow to live a life that keeps their eyes sparking.

The Gypsy Souls we are celebrating today are the first ever graduating class of gypsy souls Teacher Training at Sukha. These 4 women have been training, studying, learning, and growing withmy friend of many years, Teacher here at Sukha and the founder of Gypsy Souls Maria Preuster.

Your knowledge and experience of this beautiful practice is truly inspirational and amazing. Thank your for all you have taught me, the students here at Sukha and these four, yoga teachers!!!!

Before I call up the new teachers I would like to share something with each of you. Some little pieces of advice.

Be brave.
Be confident speak loudly and clearly even when your body is shaking and sweat is dripping
Have fun. If you’re not having a good time, I can promise you your students aren’t either.
Stand out. Stand tall
Dream big

Your playlist is the soundtrack of your life. And the soundtrack to your students experience. Make it memorable

Live with radiant positivity and good vibes.

Some days may be harder than others. Because we all of crap. But I will say and I say it often, the moment you get up here, all your crap goes away. It’s magical.
Laugh at your mistakes and then learn from them

Don’t worry if you or your students can’t hold tree pose or fly into crow, care about what mantras you repeat and how many times you and your students pick yourself back up after you fall. Yes, trees stand tall and strong but they bend during storms and so should you. Your mat is a magic carpet and trust me, it’s a magical ride.

Teach with your voice to empower and inspire.
Teach. That’s why you went through months of training. To teach. Not rock the fancy arm balance you saw on Instagram. It is not about your personal practice. It is about teaching students yoga. 

Know your students. Their level, how they feel.
Guide them. Teach them what you have learned.

Share your journey. Your life experiences that you have learned from. Some of you are super young and may not think you have many; but you do. Dig deep within yourselves. That’s one of the many reasons you practice yoga and decided to teach.

Be yourself always.

You are all unique.
Share it.
Shine. Even on the dullest of days

Make time for rest and relaxation. If you don’t, you will crash and burn.

Journal. If you haven’t started already; start today. When you look back on this first year you will be amazed at your experiences and how far you’ve come. Capture your memories everyday. You don’t want to loose them.

Remember, everyone practices for different reasons. Some practice to learn about themselves, to be happy, pure bliss and relaxation
Some for the workout, some for the philosophy,
Some for all of the above.
Connect with each of your students. This community has a sense of belonging and it’s powerful. And I am honored and proud that you chose Maria and Sukha to start your teaching journey

I am so proud of each of you. Yes, you too Maria. For following your hearts and making your dreams come true..

You have learned from best.

Maria has over 20 years of practicing yoga and teaching for over a decade. Maria mentored with Shannon Gannon, has over 800 hours and was director of continuing education.

There are many reasons why Maria is at Sukha. One being her knowledge of the yoga philosophy and practice is something we all need to learn. I encourage everyone to learn every aspect of this life changing practice

It is my pleasure to announce the first graduating class of gypsy souls teacher training

Cathy Higgins
Destiny walker
Hayley premtergist
Jessica cry

And Maria Preuster

Congratulations ladies! You can find them at the altar at SUKHA on the following days starting in May:

Bayley: Wednesday 8:00 am

Cathy: Sunday 10:30 am Restorative/Gentle Yoga

Destiny: Monday 4:30 pm

Teach from your heart
Don’t be afraid to fall
Be happy
Be healthy
Be strong