The SUKHA Supporter of the Month is.....

This month it comes to no surprise!!!

This very young lady has been at SUKHA for two years now starting her yoga journey at SUKHA since she was 17 years young.

It has truly been my pleasure to guide her on the mat and off. We have built a truly amazing relationship. Her smile is contagious, her loyalty is priceless, honest, caring, extremely helpful, fun, trustworthy, strong and sweet.

Whenever I have been in a bind, she is there for me. Driving my daughter to school when I was teaching at 6:00 am, opening the doors in Brick for holidays, Homecoming Dresses, opening day she worked the front desk ALL DAY. Greeting new friends with her genuine self. Attending workshops, and coming with me to special events.

This young lady is a yogi through and through. And guess what? She is almost finished with her 200 hour Teacher Training.

Thank you Bayley for everything you have done and continue to do for me and my children and SUKHA.

Continue to share your smile and your goodness. The world needs more of you. I know I do!!

For those of you that have not met Bayley, you will very soon. Bayley will be teaching two classes at SUKHA starting very SOON.

Congratulations on all of your accomplishments and being the SUKHA Supporter of the Month.

I love ya!!!