Unlock the Lotus with Jessica Stickler

SUKHA is happy to announce another great class guided by another amazing Jivamutki Teacher.

On Saturday, March 10th at 9:30 am Jessica Stickler will be guiding you through A Hip Opening Focused Jivamutki Class.

Unlock the Lotus: A Hip Opening Focused Jivamukti Class
This workshop will combine a vinyasa flow along with some deep hip opening practices to help you get deeper into your hips! The lotus symbolizes our self-evolution. The humble lotus grows in the muck and mud at the bottom of the lake, but when it emerges from the water it is gleaming and blemishless. This represents how it is the very struggle in our own lives that leads us to ultimate understanding and wisdom.


Jessica has been teaching yoga since 2008, and has over 1000+ hours of training and education. She teaches yoga internationally, and serves as a mentor for teacher trainees in NYC.  Classes integrate anatomical  and intellectual precision with choreographic sequencing, fun music, as well as meditation and mindfulness practice. She has experience working with all levels of experience as well as experience working with those who have injuries or special concerns.

Sign up on the SUKHA app and either drop cash or check off at SUKHA to reserve your spot or mail to: Class must be paid for to hold your spot.

602 Mantoloking Road

Brick NJ 08723