Why Maria Preuster?

We all know there has been a pretty large explosion of yoga studios that offer teacher training. It is important to know about the teacher and their credentials and to be sure the program is for you.

JIVAMUKTI trained,  Maria Preuster comes with great experience and knowledge of the Yoga teachings.  Practicing for overtwenty years and teaching Yoga for well over a decade.  Maria is dedicated to helping others find the same transformation of mind, body, and soul that she experienced in her own life.  She is one of the few teachers that stays true to the roots of Yoga as it needs no reinventing.  Known for her clear and precise instruction she will guide you through a heat building asana sequence accompanied by great music and hands on assists.  Always backed by Yoga scripture and philosophy, plan on a brief meditation and if your karma aligns, you might get an epic and ancient story as well.  

* Jivamukti Teachers Training 2001

* Mentored with Sharon Gannon 2001-2002

* JivamuktiAdvanced Certified 800 hrs 2005

* Mentor at Jivamukti Teacher Training 2009

* Director of Continuing Education, Jivamukti NYC                          

2009- 2011

* BS Fashion Merchandising & Design - Centenary 

* Institute for Integrative Nutrition 2002

* Certified Holistic Health Coach

* Raw food prep classes

* Guided Juice Cleanses

“The plans for aTeachers Training has always been in the works but, I wanted the right spot.  After doing a few workshops and teaching classes at Sukha, I knew it was the perfect fit.  Maribeth has set up a non intimidating atmosphere that allows for the students to be open to learning all facets of the Yoga practice.  I have never experienced such a willing and ready group of students in my 16 years of teaching.  It's going to be magical”