16,802 Days Living

Well it's that time once again. Where the f*#k did time go?

Yesterday morning in class I shared SOME of the things I have learned in the 16,802 days living. I have decided that sounds better than 46 years OLD! OLD. That just sounds WRONG!

I have been debating all day if I should share it here, but I decided not to. Typing as everything came to mind. In no particular order. Bullet points. A few words. Some emotional. Some embarrassing and well, some brutally honest. Not feeling 100% comfortable sharing it all publicly. Only sharing it with those who truly know me, respect me and "get me". No judging. No assuming, and no gossiping. It is amazing how one can just open up in front of 25+ people at 6:00 in the morning.

I thank you all for listening without judgement and being a part of my life.

This year was amazing. Kelsey had a great freshman year finishing in honors and top ten percent of her class. She met new friends, cheered, worked and studied her ass off.

Patrick had great grades, play hard in hoops and hit incredible on the field finishing the baseball season with 18 home runs!!

Although I do not fill my Facebook feed with photos of all of their accomplishments, I am so proud of them. I can not and will not take all of the credit. Woody was Kelsey's Honors Biology study partner and Patrick's coach off the field. Co-parenting!! JUST DO IT people!!

This year I had a goal. And well, I achieved it. Bringing SUKHA to Brick! Creating a "Non-Intimidating" Yoga Studio to a second location. 

I could not have done it without the support and love from the family at SUKHA Squan. Thank you!

And, of course. Matt. Thank you for a great year! Thank you for all of your help, creativity and putting up with my determination throughout the process. 

So, what have I learned? Here are just a few things from this past year

  • Always ask for help
  • Let go of things you can't control
  • It feels AMAZING to help others and volunteer as much as you can
  • You will have critics and haters. 
  • It's never too late to start
  • You are never too old
  • Your kids are not you. We teach them, love and support them. You can't change them. They are not you
  • Perfection is boring
  • Social Media makes people crazy
  • It's not about the likes. It's about how many people you have touched and inspired. (and not by wearing and posing in fancy yoga clothes)
  • Yoga (if practiced correctly) helps you found out who you really are. 
  • Do your own thing. One day you will be gone. 
  • Many women just don't like other women. Especially when they succeed.
  • Stalkers will stalk. Haters will hate. Don't do either.
  • Confidence is attractive
  • The 3 P's-Personality. Place. People! 

There is so much more. That's the non-emotional, clean version.

Thank you all for always listening, sharing, liking, and truly being a friend. 

Thank you to those who are are the critics and the haters. You motivate me #everydamnday. Even at 16,802 days living!

Life is good.

Be happy

Be healthy

Be strong