A Father's Day "Presence"

Happy Father's Day to all of the amazing men that wear the title of "Dad" proudly and legitimately.  Hardworking, supportive, loving, caring, fun, and present. I respect all of you that wear each of those badges on your sleeve every day and continue to do so until you leave this earth. 

Life is short and the days seem to fly by more now than ever before. Enjoy the time you have with your children.

Doctor, Lawyer, Police Officer, Bartender, Teacher, Coach, Salesman. Whatever profession it is; spend the time no matter how old or tired you may be.

Don't let divorce, a new wife, girlfriend or an addiction ever come between you and your children. 

Your son; he has your mannerisms. Your oldest daughter  has your coloring and sensitivity and the youngest daughter; has your love for music and stubbornness.

Your grandchildren; well they have...

The athletic talent and the ocean blue eyes.


The proud grandfather.

The present father.

Be that.


Be it all until you just can't be.

The one very important man that I never had enough time with. And that human being that my children never met. My father.

A void.

A completely empty feeling that will never be filled.

The love, the light, the emptiness that fills my soul is my children. I wish he would have met them in person instead of on screen and photo prints. 

Be proud.

Be the love.

Be present.


You never met him. Only pictures and a few stories.

He was a good man with a bad disease.

He had your eyes of blue.

He had your passion for sports.

Each of you are a part of him.

He was your Grandpa Tom.


You have his eyes of blue.

You have his passion for sports.

He is your Father.

Each of you are a HUGE part of him.

Happy Father's Day Woody!

You are a great dad! 

Her eyes light up when she sees you.

His energy level rises when you talk about any sport. Anytime.

They both can tell a joke with that "Woody" humor.

Thank you for all that you do!

Happy Father's Day to all!

Be Happy.

Be Healthy.

Be Strong.