Special Class with Matthew Lombardo

Before I introduce Matt and this very special class, I would like to thank once again Maria Preuster for joining the SUKHA team, bringing your yoga teachings, experience and knowledge to the SUKHA family, and developing Gypsy Souls Teacher Training.

Thank you for the years of friendship, honesty, support, and loyalty. You have been a huge inspiration to me and the entire SUKHA community. xoxo

Meet Matt-

Matthew Lombardo is an advanced certified Jivamutki Yoga Teacher.

Since 2005, Matt has taught and mentored regularly in New York City. He is also an international touring teacher having recently taught in Bali, Prague, Luxembourg, and Paris.  Matt is also a staff member of Pure Yoga Teacher Training's and has been featured in the New York Times, Harper's, Haute Living and Elephant Journal.

The class will be held, Saturday 12/16 at 9:00 am-11:00 am in Manasquan. $25 per person.

Here is a piece of Matt's interview from Haute Living: 

BY Zoe Bullock Haute Magazine

What advice do you give to your students most often?
The thing I say the most is: don’t listen to me, listen to your breathing, and move with your breathing. Pay attention to what you need. If you need to rest during a class, do that. If you want to go further during a class, do that. With asana, you can get fatigued. The teacher is pushing you in ways that you wouldn’t push yourself by yourself, but yoga is about an introduction to you, and spending time with yourself in a healthy way. The most important thing is to move with your breathing.

You may not like certain things that are offered in a class, but that is an important life lesson. It is like going to someone’s house, where they have made dinner for you. You eat what your host serves you. Your mind can come up with all sorts of reasons why you should leave or why you should not give it your best effort. I understand that, and that is a discipline too- to follow through. I did not get into teaching yoga to tell people what to do: I want people to discover their own health and wealth. In the reality of a yoga class, there is no real competition.

What is your biggest goal for your students?
If my students are going to take anything away from my class, I want them to learn to enjoy where they are in the world right now. They don’t have to go to India or anywhere else to have a fantastic, sublime, excellent, curious, happy life experience. I want my students to experience contentedness with their every day lives. It is not like we are not going to work to change and improve things, but I hope and I want people to have their eyes and ears open to all the good things in their own lives. I want my students to have more self-awareness, and the sensation they are involved with something courageous. Yoga takes a lot of work, but there are huge benefits. The benefit and value of a yoga practice is a space for your happiness and goodness to radiate out. Look for those things. You may not be perfect in a posture, but you really are.