SUKHA Welcomes Jessica and Crystal

It is my pleasure to announce two substitute teachers to the SUKHA community.

We all need a day to rest from time to time. Whether it is to rest our minds and bodies, be with our family or work another job, having substitute teachers is very important.

I have had many, many emails from teachers asking to teach at SUKHA without every stepping foot in the doors to get a feel for the studios, the vibe, the teachers and most importantly; THE STUDENTS.

It has been a pleasure to have them both at the Brick location.

Tonight I would like to give you a brief bio on two teachers that will be starting next week filling in for Amy while she is away.

Meet Jessica:

 I was born and raised here in New Jersey, the beach has always been my place for solstice. I've been practicing yoga for only two years but it changed my life. Coming to my mat has made me grow, and find something new about my self whether it be external or internal. The reason I came to yoga was because years ago I over come guilt, regrets and anxiety in my life through meditation. Guided meditation by a Social Worker my mother introduced me to. There were people in this group of all ages, abilities, races, and perspectives. This motivated me to try to yoga, to incorporate benefits of meditation and movement. It was then I found Vinyasa, which connected with me deeply. At first I felt like I was dancing through yoga poses which immediately drew me to practice more. That is when I decided to become certified and I never turned back.  I work for a non-profit that promotes public awareness and barrier free access while promoting individual choice, promoting civil rights, and inclusion of all people with disabilities. I have incorporated yoga in to my profession by teaching adults and young adult with all disabilities yoga. Yoga is for everyone, that is the beauty about it. In my experience I've seen it help people with ADHD, take a moment to breath. Individuals with Autism build self confidence, tranquility, and wellness. I hope that when someone leaves my class they can feel motivated, confident, and loved! I believe it should be a safe place for everyone, to feel unjudged, and free! 

Jessica will be subbing for Amy, Wednesday October 18th at 4:15 pm in Manasquan.

Meet Crystal:

Originally from Queens, NY, it was there in 2003 when Crystal first began practicing yoga. In 2016, while working as a mental health and addictions counselor in New Jersey, she decided to earn her 200hr CYT from Align and Flow as a way to further assist people to achieve positive physical, behavioral and emotional change. Crystal identifies herself as a lover of nature, student of life and a servant to all living beings, volunteering her time with animal rescue and care. She recognizes that both the physical and spiritual practice of yoga are vital to wellness and growth and offers a strengthening vinyasa flow with emphasis on breath and mindfulness that can be modified for all levels and comforts of practice. 

Crystal will be subbing for Amy in Brick Thursday October 19th at 6:30 pm.

Please welcome these beautiful, talented women to the SUKHA community. I encourage everyone to experience all of the teachers at SUKHA.