What If.........

What If....

There was no technology

No cell phones.


No social media.

What if...

There were no restaurants?

No fast food.

Bars or alcohol.




What if the grass was blue and the sky was green?

What if everyone was honest?

No one cheated or stole.

What if there was no jealousy?

No competing?

What if the system said you shouldn't get married at a certain age and have kids?

What if the grass was blue all year round?

What if there were no actors and actresses?

What if you could read people's thoughts?

What if money wasn't so important to people?

What if life guaranteed you 100 years?

What if there was no poverty?

What if there was no public transportation?

What if women had men's body parts and men had women's?

What if we all had blonde hair and brown eyes?

What if we didn't have to work?

What if sunscreen didn't exist?

What if we all lived in peace and there were no laws?

No crime.

No hate.

No racism.

What if men got pregnant and went through hours of labor?

What if women had to go to work and the men HAD to stay home?

What if there were no sports?

What if our hands were on our feet and our feet on our hands?

What if we could smell out of our ears and hear out of our nose?

What if there was no SUKHA?

What if we never met?

What if there was nothing but yoga?

No fighting

No harm

No STEALING (specifically email addresses)

No hate

Just peace, love and yoga


A place to come together to TALK, flow, sing, dance and learn about life. REAL LIFE. Daily life. What we really experience and practice #everydamnday

What if there were no yoga pants or athletic wear?

We would all be doing naked yoga on the blue grass until we were 100. PEACEFULLY.

No stress

No money

No technology

The men would be walking around pregnant not being able to see their toes. Let alone touch them.

What if Glen could pike like Matt?

What if Glen could pike like Matt 9 months pregnant? LMAO

What if......

Just some random "what if's" to visualize and use in today's dharma with some humor. I could not imagine a dharma/class without humor.

The real reason for this is to get rid of the "what if's"

The most common ones are "What if I'm not smart enough, pretty enough, fast enough?" "What if I am not a good parent, spouse, employee"?

Let's stop asking "What if"! It causes worry, anxiety and stress.

The reason we are constantly asking those two words is because of underlying fears!

Fear of the unknown. Rejection. Failure.

Start giving your BEST EFFORT

Don't think about what happens if you fail. Think about what happens when you succeed.

Don't think about if you are skinny enough, pretty enough. You are enough. Who cares what other people think. Stop trying to impress other people. By the clothes, the car, the house, or how much you weigh. 

What if...you started being yourself, without worrying about the "what if's"? You are enough. You are you. Special. One of a kind. Pretty. Handsome. Smart. Funny. Kind. Brave. Strong. UNIQUE.

Just be you. 

It is so hard to get those two words out of your vocabulary. After writing this last night, I was lying in bed thinking and guess what ran through my head?? Yep, a "WHAT IF"!! And again before class this morning. But now after reading this twice today, and now blogging about it, it will be something that I will be conscious of all the time. 

Many asked for the playlist; here it is!

What If: Cold Play

IF: Bread

What If: Five For Fighting

What's Up?:4 Non Blondes

What a Fool Believes: Doobie Brothers

If I Ever Loose My Faith in You; Sting

For What it's Worth: Buffalo Springfield

If I Die Young: The Band Perry

If Today Was Your Last Day: Nickelback

Only the Good Die Young: Billy Joel

If I Ain't Got You: Alicia Keys

If You Could Read My Mind: Gordon Lightfoot

So What: Miles Davis

Great classes as always. Love you all.

For those of you reading for the first time, this is a sample of my dharma and music!


ps- I am slightly off. But fun. I have no filter. And I say what I feel. I teach about what I learn #everydamnday. Just LIFE. Growing. Living and learning.

Thanks for reading