Who is Amy?

I am so happy to announce a new teacher at SUKHA. As most of you already know from emails, Facebook, Instagram and the good ol' fashion way; word of mouth and announcements in class. Amy Sowul will be teaching Wednesday and Friday mornings at 6:00 am for a "Sunrise Yoga" flow.

September 28, 2015 was the first day SUKHA opened the doors at St. Denis School. Honored, grateful and blessed that Manasquan Recreation asked me to run the yoga program. It has been such a wonderful journey. I could not that Steve A. enough. Every email, every text and almost every time I see him, I thank him. So again, and always; THANK YOU STEVE!

On that day, a friend of 7 years, April Monte walked in the door and said "I am bringing a friend". Her friend was Amy. Since that day, Amy came to my class three times a week. We had never met. We live one block away. Our kids go to the same school. We have mutual friends. Yoga started our journey. A friendship. Three days a week we meet, one hour before class! Yep, 5 AM!! It is so nice to have a friend that gets up with the birds. The friendship may be less than a year old, but some can tell when they have met a genuine person. No judging, honest; sincere, funny and smart, motivated and determined to make things happen. A friend who is happy for you during the best of times and congratulates you on successes. Amy has been a tremendous part of the SUKHA journey. You can find her beautiful art work on the SUKHA tanks, stickers, and drawings around the studio. She shares the excitement to her friends and family. As I am doing now. Sharing with you, my excitement and enthusiasm to have Amy teach at SUKHA and watch her grow on her journey, as she did for me. And we will both continue to grow. Together. For we both know, there is so much to learn. About yoga, life and living our lives as best as we can. Mothers, daughters, sisters, friends. No matter how old we are. And as most of you know, at SUKHA we are learning and growing together. All on the same journey. Happiness.

And now, nine months later, we will be teaching in the same studio. SUKHA. Yes, it is a real studio. Please welcome Amy to our family.

Enough of my babbling, curious to know more about Amy? Here it is.....

"Who am I" by Amy Souwl

I am 40.
I am a daughter
Sister to two brothers
Mother to two boys
I am blessed by everyone who gave me these titles.
I have been a dancer,soccer player, runner- all of which you can see in my yoga practice. I point my toes and turn out my hips. I have soft hands. I power through pain and keep playing the game. I breathe to last longer and pace myself.
I am an artist and writer, though only a few have seen or read any of it.
I am quiet and love silence- probably too much for my own good. I consider it a weakness.
I live words and the way they make me feel and the magical power they hold over us.
I have low self esteem, but am working on it.
I have scars and tattoos and will keep getting more of both. They tell a story.
Everyday I honestly try to find the light in every situation..even the ones that break my heart.
I love getting up early and running to see the sunrise by myself- or dance on the rocks because no one else is there to see.
I drink a lot of coffee and too little water.
My boys are a reflection, a ripple of me and their dad. I love to see the ebb and flow of their personalities evolving daily.
I was a Managing Editor for an art magazine for many years, then a stay at home mom for many, and now an employee at Barlows. I have loved every job I ever had.
I love to cook for other people.
I love to paddle board on quiet waters and always always think the ocean is too cold.
I run best and breathe best in the woods.
I am seriously attached to my playlist and can't run without it.
I am stronger than I realize.
There are parts of me I haven't found yet and others I couldn't bring myself to write down or share yet.
I am thankful and grateful to be here and to Maribeth for this moment and so many others.
As of today I am a yoga teacher to all of you.
I am nervous.
Here goes nothing..get ready to OMMM!
P.S Have I ever mentioned how I "strongly dislike" country music??