Mother and Daughter Bond on the mat and off

Happy Mothers Day Weekend to all of the women that are blessed to hold the most beautiful, rewarding, amazing, yet challenging title in the world! MOTHER.

These two campaigns could not have come at a better time. 

Living here for nine years, I was working crazy hours, and was never able to really socialize in town and meet anyone. Teaching yoga I've met so many wonderful people.
This mom of three I was lucky enough to meet in July. Walking into class on her first day; I knewwho she was because our boys are friends but we were never introduced or formally met.
That day was a start of a new friendship. On the mat and off. Her smile is contagious. Her friendship is genuine. She is strong both mentally and physically.  I am so happy to have met Michelle. A few months after that summer day, Michelle told me her daughter wanted to come to class. One Friday night, the door opened and it was Michelle and her beautiful, daughter Bayley. Contagious smile??? Take a look at the smile on this 17 year old!!  Happy, outgoing, friendly, funny, respectful, and quite the yogi. Bayley and Michelle practice at SUKHA a few times a week. Laughing, flowing, inverting and bonding!! Some days Bayley comes solo. She inspires me every time. The bond they share on and off the mat is remarkable.
So what makes these two beauties smile??

This is what Bayley had to say....

Inverting makes me smile

Doing yoga with family and friends makes me smile


When Maribeth feeds me the cucumbers instead of putting them on my face

And here is what Michelle had to say....

The bond that I have made with new and old friends

Sharing my love for Yoga with others

The confidence that I am slowly learning

The silliness of classes

The new Calm that I have found in my life

and btw...  these are all because of you.... 

Thank you Michelle and Bay, for everything!! Your smiles, your support, inspiration and friendship!!

Happy Mother's Day to all. Men and women. xoxo