"Short and Sweet"

Happy Valentines Day!

Not sure where to begin, so I will keep it "short and sweet".

When I was in teacher training, I knew I wanted to incorporate music with my Dharma talks. I never thought it would touch people the way it does. Including myself.  Does it take time? Yes. Is it worth every minute of preparation? HELL YEAH!!! Was I told that "You will get burnt out" and "Run out of topics"?? YEP. Have I? NO WAY. There is so much to our life's journey and so much music that goes hand in hand.

This past week was emotional. Heart Chakra; one day, self love; another; dancing to the decades and lastly; sharing my experience from a card reading and "A Touch of Heaven". 

Many cards were read. The experience was amazing. Emotional, shocking, proud, happy, relieved and exciting.

The "Earth Angel" card read; "You are a lightworker who has come to Earth to teach about Love".

Me? Yes, you.

I won't get into it all or this blog post will turn into a book. Ha.

I did have the courage to share it will my Sunday morning class. The lips quivered, and the tears started to slowly roll down my cheek. But as always, I tried to hold them back with my heart in my throat. (Talk about a blockage). BTW, not too many I am proud to say.

It is tough to do, but it has helped me with opening up to issues that I needed to face. I feel comfort with my students, my friends. They inspire me, they guide me as I do for them. 

I may not have many years of yoga practice. I can not twist myself into a pretzel and I may not know every Sanskrit name or every single muscle or tissue, but what I do know is that Yoga means Union or connection. A state of connection  that allows us to connect to anything. Joyful, and blissful, fulfilling connection. A process of becoming more aware of who we are.

I am connecting with myself and with beautiful people.

This afternoon I was grocery shopping and my email buzzed. As I pulled my shopping cart over to the side to check, it was from one of my yoga students (my friend). Once again, I bit my lip., and tried to prevent the tears from coming down in the coffee isle at Wegmans. Lip biting just does not seem to work anymore.

I am sharing with you the email on this Valentine's Day. No chocolate, no roses. It was one 8:00 am class and one email that made my day special. (Once the kids arrive home safely from their trip, it will be 100% completely amazing)

Hey Maribeth,

Short and sweet, here it is…


I’ve heard it said that there is no such thing as coincidence and things happen for a reason.  Sometimes it seems, particularly as we get older, we become less open to a new way of doing things and a different way of thinking.  Coming to yoga for the first time was a leap of faith for me.  I had no idea that it would be so much more than working on balance and flexibility.  Maribeth, you have been so open with us about so many things, a true act of courage.  What happens when you talk about your “stuff” is that you make all of us feel okay about having our own “stuff”.  You put things into perspective for us, even something that might seem minor like telling us “it’s only yoga” when someone loses their balance.  Seems obvious, but it can be an awakening that we are all on our own journey and that sometimes, the beauty is in the imperfection.  You stretch our bodies and cleanse our souls and yes, make us laugh.  Thank you for being our guide on this journey and for sharing yourself with all of us.