After the great dharma Sunday written by Dan, (you can read it on the SUKHA Facebook page)

My mind has been going and going and going

That's nothing new. It's always going.

Thinking about life, how's it going, and what I'm doing to improve my self and how to share it with all of you.

In the dharma Dan said amazing things about me that brought tears to my eyes. I've read it over and over again. Saying. "Whoa, this is crazy". I'm flattered, humbled and shocked and extremely happy.

As most of you know my yoga journey happened very fast. Many instructors take years to find a job. Let alone having a business within 3 months of graduating training

 The non-intimidating yoga studio is not just a marketing tag line; it's what I want yoga to be because that is how I felt and to be honest; that's how I still feel. The crazy poses on social media, the Sanskrit, the philosophy. Shit; its overwhelming and I am still a beginner and proud to say it. Learning every damn day.

The reason I'm reading this to all of you today; is because after reading Dan's dharma over and over and over again; I kept saying. How is this really making me feel??

The answer is proud. Proud that all of you are leaving this room and taking something with you more than a perfect Warrior 2. 

As the say, it's not about touching your toes; it's what you learn on the way down

I am still a beginner. 

I don't have time to practice and sometimes that scares me. It scares me because I want to learn more so I can teach you more poses. Different poses. Taking it the next level. But it's not that. Yoga is life and life is:

Balance, love, honesty, truth, compassion, trust, getting out of our comfort zones, the Angels, the universe, breathe, movement, self care, motivation, hopes, goals and dreams. It's dancing, laughing, singing, and crying. It's crying over the people we have lost, it's feeling hurt and sad with the people we love. The positive and negative.  The good times and bad. The right and the wrong. Feeling overwhelmed , confused, bitter, and not being able to let go. 

It's the darkest days and the coldest weather. Being present and forgetting about the past. Meeting strangers and saying hello, and saying goodbye to the ones that bring us down.

Hitting clear and delete and not rewind.

It's peace. 

Looking up and not down. 

It's going with our intuition and the clearing our energy fields. 

Most of all it's the real, everyday people. All of you that fill this classroom on a daily basis. 

Smart, motivated, funny, strong, open hearted, trust worthy people. (BTW, these have all be dharma talks in the past)

Who take yoga off the mat. For this I am proud

I am a beginner. A beginner at yoga. And at this crazy, fun, exciting journey called life

I will keep "being the beginner" at yoga and in life. (You are a BAD ASS)

I'm honeing my skills, taking it seriously, learning what I can when I can

Investing in myself

I will practice and teach my ass off

Fall down and get back up

Keep going

I will not loose the fun in the process

I will do the best I can

On my mat and off.

And I hope that all of you will continue to come along for this amazing ride

Thank you! thank you

For everything. 

Helping me be the best version of my true, authentic self

The road of life is bumpy. Sometimes the clouds are grey

But the pavement will flatten and the clouds will go away

It's all about what you put out in the amazing thing called the universe

Dark days will become bright

Continue to look into the light.


As always,

Be healthy

Be happy 

Be strong

Happy Holidays my SUKHA family. I love you all!