Real Men Do Yoga

I have many men that take yoga at SUKHA. But not enough. Yoga is not just for women in leggings. Yoga is for everyone. Especially men.

So many men that I have spoken to keep saying "I am dying to try", or "I can't touch my toes", or "I will be to your class soon, I just have to loose more weight first". 

Here's the deal my friends, yoga is a full body workout. It's not all about chanting, meditating, talking about feelings or other stereo types that most of you think. Yoga builds strength, increases flexibility, improves balance, stability, sleep and relaxation. I am not sure that lifting weights, and running as it tightens up all of your muscles in the process can do all of the above. 

If you still can't get over that you think it's too girly, take a look at all of the professional athletes that are practicing yoga. Torrey Smith, Evan Longoria, Vernon Davis, Kevin Love, Steven Jackson, Sean Burke, Blake Griffin, Victor Cruz, Dirk Nowitzki, Russell Wilson, Kevin Garnett, Tom Brady, Shaquille O'Neal, Ray Lewis, and Lebron James just to name a few. 

Feeling intimidated?? Don't. Come try at SUKHA. The "Non-Intimidating" Yoga studio. Both men and women practice here. We laugh, dance, sing, flow, learn and grow together. No competition goes on in this studio. EVER!!!

Here is a testimonial from one of my male students:

"My adult fitness life has evolved around lifting weights, biking and boxing.  All great workouts, however shortens the muscle and if you don't stretch properly flexibility is non existent.  18 months ago I tried yoga with MB, thinking it would be easy except for touching my toes.  It was just the opposite. It was hard, intense and the sweat poured out of me like a spin class.  What an incredible workout. 

Today, 18 mos later I am stronger with leaner muscle and can almost touch my toes. 

Practicing yoga is a great compliment to your other workout routines, it strengthens your core, promotes better breathing, and helps with flexibility. 

I highly recommend yoga as a great life-long workout."-S.H.

 Try it. It will change your life by improving your other workouts, prevent injury, increases libido and sexual performance, relieves chronic lower back pain, and reduces stress and helps you sleep better.

So, leave your ego at the door along with your leggings and incense. Wear your oldest basketball shorts and your Bud Light t-shirt from 1992. Because no one inside SUKHA cares what you wear. If you want to wear leggings, of course feel free. As long as you let me take your pic!!!

Be happy

Be healthy

Be strong