The BUZZ word these days! We see it all over social media, and hear it in our yoga classes.

I stumbled upon a great article about the 4 DON'ts of Gratitude that I want to share:

1: Don't mistake gratitude for an IOU.

You shouldn't feel obliged to repay a favor. In close relationships, this sort of tit for tat can actually foster negative feelings between partners, and quick "repayment" may signal a discomfort with or avoidance of intimacy and trust.

2: Don't overdose on gratitude.

Express thanks—but not excessively. In a study of gratitude journaling, people who tracked their gratitude once per week reported increased happiness; those who tracked their gratitude three times per week did not. Running out of real things to write may, counterproductively, make people feel they don't have that much to be grateful for.

3: Don't sell yourself short.

When you achieve success, thank the people who helped get you there. But give yourself some credit, too. If you thank everyone else while downplaying your own hard work and talent, you may be mistaking low self-esteem for gratefulness.

4: Don't always "be thankful for what you have."

Concentrating on what you should be thankful for might mean you're glossing over red flags. In one study of romantic couples, expressing anger about a serious problem was more beneficial—and more likely to lead to a real resolution—than just being positive.

article by: Amie M. Gordon Published 7/2/2013

This year so much has happened in my life that I am so thankful for. The list is pretty long. I won't bore you. 

  • My kids. Duh. They have grown so much this past year and it wasn't a easy year. Moving out of the house again into a tiny garage apartment with not much room to do their thing. Not one complaint!! Living in such a tiny space made us all thankful for having a roof over our heads and realizing some people have it so much worse.  They put a smile on my face everyday. My conversations with Kelsey about her day and "life" is like talking with a grown up. She tells me when I am being stubborn or wrong (she speaks her truth). I envy that. And the "man of the house". Well, he's my mush! Watching him the past year has amazed me. His sense of humor, athletic talent and his "way with the ladies"!! But he has reminded me a few times that I "will always be his girl"!!
  • Motivation. Extremely grateful to have drive and motivation! I owe this quality to my mom. I will never stop. I will always make it happen. I will keep going until I physically can't do anymore.
  • Yoga. It took me years to get on a yoga mat. Once I did, it was true love!! Yoga has taught me how to breathe, how to be myself, how to let go of things and people  that no longer serve me, how to be present and not worry about the future and that it is a practice; a beautiful practice that enlightens your mind, body and soul. I am forever grateful to my friends that introduced me to yoga. Getting certified was one of the best decisions I ever made. The best advice I can give anyone is to get on a yoga mat!!! It is life changing.
  • My Classes. I am so blessed to teach yoga at Brielle Sports Club! Once I was certified they gave me the opportunity to teach within the first week! Blessed or lucky. I say blessed, others say luck or "it's who you know" (sad comment and not true). Every Tuesday and Thursday morning and on Friday afternoon, I guide a wonderful group of people through a practice where we can laugh, cry, dance, sing and relax. These people have become my friends and my yoga family! They inspire me everyday! 
  • Manasquan Recreation. This program has given me the chance to run their yoga program within the community. Once again; blessed to meet so many great women and men and allowing me to be their guide. 
  • Life. No words really. Life is about living. Do what makes you happy, don't let anyone steal your happiness. 

Enjoy life today, Yesterday is gone and Tomorrow may never come!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!