The Secret to Fighting Menopause

This is part two of fighting the frightening mood swings, tire around the waist and all of the other things that comes with menopause.

Guess what ladies???

It is all what you put in your mouth.

I have been reading, and reading on this even though I am officially done, I need to share with as many of you as possible because it does not have to be horrible.

In fact, did you know that in the 1800's menopause wasn't even a thing?  It was never mentioned. Hot flashes and night sweats did not exist.

It all changed around 1950 when women were rushing to their doctors with all of the common menopausal symptoms and the doctors had no clue what to do or say. "Once the big pharma companies got wind they decided to capitalize on this and the false discovery of female hormone issues was discovered".-(Anthony Williams. Medical Medium)

How did this happen?

The crops began being sprayed and modified.  All of these symptoms are caused by the food we eat.  So, don't blame the menopause, men; don't blame the menopause. The blame is inaccurate. 

So before you start blaming menopause, start reading, learning, practicing and sharing.

A few things before I close. If you are serious about fighting the tire, the hot flashes, night sweats and mood swings; pick up "Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal" MEDICAL Medium. Start there. But before you do, start with celery juice, eat apples, avocados, asparagus, cucumbers,leafy greens, tumeric, nettle tea, bag the dairy and the coffee. 

Don't forget about Clary Sage, Frankincense and Ylang Ylang. ALL AMAZING!!

I am officially done at 46 1/2. Found answers and not from my doctor. From reading, learning and practicing. And guess what? IT F'in works. I feel great. I was getting worried for a while.

Be determined and motivated not to get that tire, fight the "blame". You can do it!!!!

There are so many tools available for us to learn from. So before you blame menopause and dip into the ice cream and drink every night blaming menopause; think again. 

The Medical Medium Books can be found on Amazon.

Doterra Essential Oils can be purchased through my website. This month, buy a kit and get $50 in free oils next month. You don't have to sell and you don't have to buy every month. Sign up to purchase at wholesale. You won't regret it. It's the healthy way of eating, cleaning, staying young and fit. #justdoit


If you think you know it all, you are not listening..

What a great quote!!

Learning, practicing, sharing and teaching has been my mantra the last week thanks to two text messages that made my day.

I have said it before and I will repeat it again; it doesn't matter how old you are, how many degrees or certifications you have; how much money you make or have in the bank. We have to continue to learn. If not, learn to learn, learn to practice, share and teach. If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.

This is for everyone. Especially the "know it all's". UGH. Now there's one on my pet peeve list. No one knows it all. There is so much out there to learn. Stop dismissing opinions, comments, ideas or suggestions of others. 

There is so much to learn about in this life and as I am approaching 47, I want to learn more now than I ever have. Obviously, time is a factor, but I am finding the time either at 5:00 am or 5:00 pm. Whenever I have a few extra minutes or an hour.

Mother, yoga instructor, business owner, daughter, sister, friend. Still learning everyday on how to be better at all of the above. I will never be perfect, and that's okay. There is NO SUCH THING. Nobody has a perfect yoga practice (I don't care what fancy pics you see on social media), daughter, boss, business owner and definitely a perfect parent. If you think you are, write a book and please share.

Everyday I am listening and learning from people, books, pod casts and blogs. Two years ago I was introduced to essential oils. I loved the smell and purchased a kit not really knowing exactly all of the amazing benefits. I used them in my yoga classes. As a few months went on, I continued doing homework, listening to a friend about the benefits, reading her posts and digging deeper. I then started using them on my face, neck and chest. Then colds, sore muscles. And holy shit!!! They work. 

Did you know that doTerra oils are pure plant derivatives, with no pesticides or fillers and have the highest quality testing and can be ingested? The oils in Whole Foods and other companies are not pure. Who knew? Now I do. I am learning, practicing, sharing and teaching. One drop of lemon oil is equivalent of 20 squeezed lemons! Our sense of smell is so powerful, and immediately upon breathing in an oil, this purifying and calming effect begins to work the limbic system of the brain that deals with; emotions, memories and stimulation. This system connects parts of the brain that deals with high and low functions for thinking and movement.

Now there's some interesting facts that I bet you did not know. 

What has essential oils done for me? The list is long. But first, my skin. Tighter, smaller pores, crows feet lines are reduced, my skin tone is more even especially on my forehead where I had major sun damage, and the wrinkles on my chest have reduced tremendously.

I share what I learn, so I am sharing with you.

Join me Friday May 5th at 6:00 pm for a FREE one hour information session on using essential oils for your skin. The oils I have been using and I will review the top 10 doTerra oils. These oils can be use aromatic, topically, internally and in the home. Safe and kid and pet friendly. 

There is no obligation to purchase anything. Come and LEARN. 

Fall in love with taking care of yourself-Mind-Body-Spirit

Teach and show your children how to do the same. The environment is not getting any better and the food is not either. Teach them to eat the right foods, exercise and take care of that beautiful skin. 

Visit the SUKHA South Facebook page under events to see the before and after pictures :)

 Visit the FREE SUKHA app to check in.

Be Happy

Be Healthy

Be Strong




How Two Text Messages Made My Day

This Tuesday after my 9:30 am class, as always I am so f'in happy and feeling; well; pretty f'in good. We all chat after class for a few minutes about stuff. Lots of stuff. Celery, oils, kids, and life in general. After everyone left and I ventured over to see Alison at her new store a few doors down. And what a beautiful store it is BTW.

As we were chatting I received a text message. A very, very, nice text message. At first I was confused as to why I was getting it.

As I was driving home, another message came through. Another very, very, nice text message. I said to myself "WTF"! What did I do? What did I say? I honestly could not think of why I received two sweet text messages within 2 hours. I checked my social media accounts to see what I posted. I was still confused. Normal stuff. Yoga, me, sharing what I am learning and sharing. Whatever it was; those messages made me feel really good. (Text is at bottom of blog)

Both of these text messages did not come from people who practice at SUKHA. One has been twice, and the other has never been to Brick.

Then I thought about it. Mabye it was the posts and what I was sharing.

Why am I sharing this? Well, you see I teach yoga because I want people to feel good no matter what age, size or what they wear. I am sharing the practice and other practices that I am doing or in the process of doing so we can all live the healthiest and happiest life. 

Shit, it isn't easy as we age, but we need to prevent aging and illness the best we can. Whatever I learn, I share in class or on social media. I may post three times a day or I may not post for a few days. Sometimes the post may get 30 likes sometimes 111. The numbers do not matter to me. What matters is that the post about yoga, a quote, food, oils, skin care, or my son playing a sport reaches people. Reaching people to learn, practice, to be healthy, happy and grow. My posts come from the heart and I say it like it is. Sometimes it may come out harsh or bitchy but it all depends on how it is being read and by who.

If I post a quote, it means something to me and I feel it may strike a cord with someone else. 

By sharing your stories, experiences and lessons you have learned you are providing an opportunity for people to learn. You can take what you want, ask questions,  and choose what you want to act upon. 

LEARN-APPLY-SHARE-TEACH but do it AUTHENTICALLY. Your way. Authenticity is meant to be imperfect. If you mess up, that's okay. If you can't do a pose, that's okay. If you have a crappy day; well, WE ALL DO. Even the Instagram Famous have bad days.They may not post it, or some write way too much. Authenticity is not an image. Authenticity for some is still having a closed heart chakra that won't bust open, dropping the F Bomb often, working hard, being slightly selfish at times and forgetting to call your mother back. 

Own your life. Own your experiences and own how you feel about those experiences.

Tips from others and experiences are all around us. Everyone has a story  that we can learn and grow from. Some will come from people with years of experience, and others that are just learning and sharing as they go along. :) 

What you think is a minor aspect of your story might just be exactly what someone else needs to move forward.

So, be authentic, learn, apply what you learn, share and teach. Remember this is not only pertaining to yoga. Although yoga is LIFE. Practice, learn, apply and share on what you learn about life.

Before I close, I want to say that I have been posting and saying for years BE YOU. I came across a note/quote that says " I would say to be yourself, but it's too cliche', so instead I will say to own yourself, and to own your life"

Thank you again to the two amazing women who sent me the text messages. Although we live in the same town and we don't see each other all that much; you are AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL! 

be happy

be healthy

be strong

own yourself,




A very special Mother's Day Workshop

" I am not the perfect mother and I will never be. You are not the perfect daughter and you will never be. Put us together, and we will be the best mother and daughter we would ever be"

Join the mother/daughter team; Michelle, Bayley, Peggy and Brittany for a one hour and 30 minute yoga workshop for mothers and daughters.

For humans, roots are deeply embedded in our family. They provide nourishment. They anchor us. They feed our souls.

The strong bond between a mother and daughter is strong. Sometimes we may feel otherwise especially in the teenage years. Every moment is precious.

Whether or not we appreciate those moments makes no difference as long as we take time now.

They grow up so fast and before you know it, they are having their own.

Take the time this Mother’s Day Weekend to get on your mat with your mother/daughter.

We will open with meditation, partner poses for grounding and balancing and journaling.

Like the branches of a tree, we must sway and bend with the wind, for our roots are strong and are intertwined forever.

$40 per Mother/Daughter

Pre-pay in advance to hold your spot at SUKHA. 


Spring Detox and Cleanse

Well my friends it's time!! Time to cut the cords to unhealthy eating!!

Spring 2018



Begins Monday April 23rd thru Monday May 21st

The earth is awakening from a long, cold winter and very soon the temperatures will be warmer and daylight will be a little longer each day. Spring is a time of transition, renewal, growth, and expansion. Soon we will be ditching our coats, opening the windows, and finding ourselves eager to begin spring cleaning! The list goes on and surely will include potting some seeds for summer blooms and planning our 2018 adventures. Spring is truly a wonderful time of year that screams ACTION!

It's also a season that has been used for thousands of years and in many traditions to detox and cleanse the body in a way that supports our health, energy and immunity so that we can take the action we are being called to do in the summer and year ahead.

This program is designed to support you in changing your eating and nutritional plan to one that supports and fuels you. It's your 2018 "Fresh Start!"

Join us for this 4 week program and make the changes that are right for you. You will have options for how you want to detox - No deprivation or starvation required! You will eat delicious nutrient dense whole foods. We’ll help you to make some simple changes in your routine that will help you gain energy, clarity and motivation to stay on track. You will also uncover some of the things that block you from making lasting changes and create a lifelong plan for eating for optimal health.

This 4 week program includes our kick off meeting along with ongoing support via a private FB group, weekly group conference calls/chats and access to special rates on detox therapies and tools!  Take advantage of these 4 weeks to get focused and feeling great before Memorial Day!

Need more information? Join us for one of the Information Sessions:

Tuesday April 17th @ Sukha Yoga following the 7 pm Healing Circle/Meditation

Choose Your Opening Session:

Monday April 23rd - Online Conference Call ( information will be provided at sign up)


Tuesday April 24th in person 7pm @ Sukha  in Brick

TO REGISTER - Sign Up at Sukha or Email me @

Offering $125


Why should you do a cleanse?

Our bodies are incredible organisms with  a natural built-in filtration system to help us get rid of toxins. Believe it or not we are exposed to more toxins than any previous generation. . This influx of toxins comes from our food, pollution in the air and water, toxic ingredients in beauty care and household cleaning products, electric and magnetic fields from technology, and more. These harmful substances have an extremely negative impact on our health and we are seeing the result of this with the onslaught of chronic disease, serious  illness and general degeneration of our bodies. The primary organ and powerful built-in filter that helps our bodies to process excess toxins is our liver. 

The primary goal of this detox is to lighten the toxic load that our bodies are currently experiencing. It gives our liver a chance to rest and catch up! The results are feeling more energy, vitality, clarity and much more! And that's just the beginning. During this cleanse you will learn about many different eating plans and uncover what will work best for you.

 About Mary Jo:

Mary Jo Kurtz is owner and founder of Wellnecessity, a Certified Holistic Health Coach, A Certified Life Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, Ordained Minister Practitioner, Certified Angel Oracle Card Reader, Spiritual Intuitive & Counselor, Aromatherapy Practitioner, Member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, and International Best Selling Author and Speaker.

Mary Jo is the creator of the 4 Week Spring “Fresh Start” Detox Program and has been facilitating the program since 2008. She has helped her clients regain their health through this program which teaches the impact of food, herbs, essential oils and lifestyle changes.



A Must Read from Barbie Bohrman

Well, I must say this took me away and made me cry.

Thank you Barbie for this! A must read my friends.


About a year ago I did a Google search for a yoga studio near me that wouldn’t make me feel like one of those people who play blackjack in Atlantic City for funsies only to get that look from all the other players at the table because, quite frankly, you suck at it and you’re a nuisance to their game. The first thing I noticed in my search results was the phrase, “The Non-Intimidating Yoga Studio,” so I clicked and there I read up on what Sukha and Maribeth was about and their schedule.

It took me another couple of weeks to actually get the nerve to step foot inside the studio, but when I actually did, it was on a random Thursday night and it was Amy’s class. The self-described shy and quiet blonde had a way of teaching for the next hour that drew me in and made me forget everything that was waiting for me outside the door and at home…you know those pesky things: kids, husband, dinner, washing clothes, work day, life in general and all the stress it can bring. 

Then, it took me another couple of weeks to get up the courage to try Maribeth’s class. Which, in hindsight, seems so ridiculous, because if you have taken her class then you know how much of a f*cking great time it is. And that is EXACTLY why I need to take Maribeth’s class every week…and when I don’t, I feel off. The hour always flies by with awesome high energy (in my opinion), balancing my ass off, and f*cking great tunes too. (I f*cking cursed in your honor, Maribeth.)

It was in one of Maribeth’s classes that I remember someone asked me, “Have you taken Brittany’s class yet?” Um, no…no, I have not. But, within a week, I remedied that as well. I will say right now that the very first time that I took Brittany’s class, I literally said out loud during one of her, “so, if you practice this move every day for like the next two years, you too will fly like an eagle and then jump back to crow and then chaturanga and then into some weird ass forearm stand,” moments: “This is some Cirque de Soleil shit that I will never be able to do.” But you know what? In less than a year, I’m able to do a lot of what she teaches. And the things I can’t do yet, because of how Brittany teaches, I believe in my heart that one day, I WILL be able to do them. 

Then someone else in that same first Monday night class of Brittany’s asked if I had taken Tara’s class…nope, not yet! But, the following night, there I was taking her class. Tara’s class is such an amazing time because she stretches and holds poses for long periods of time that before I know it, I’m in pigeon – which use to be my least favorite position but is now my favorite– for about a full minute. Because of Tara’s class, I have found that I am way more flexible and more apt to try different poses that involve my 46 year old legs stretching in a certain way that my 46 year old ass wouldn’t have ever tried.

One day, when Maribeth was out, she had a sub come in and teach her Wednesday night class. That sub was Crystal…and she brings a totally different vibe to what I was expecting that particular Wednesday night. Her voice is soothing and soft, and the way she teaches her class is relaxing as all hell. By the end of that hour, I was almost bummed that it was over. I say “almost” because I as relaxing as it was, I was sore in places I hadn’t been for some time for the next few days, but in a really, really good way. 

And then Maribeth, and everyone else that I came to love seeing every day of my life at this point, said that I must try Maria’s class… and so I did. So here I am trying to make every Saturday morning class Maria teaches, to not only improve my physical practice of yoga, but more importantly, the spiritual side of my practice…the part that I’m still a newbie and hopefully, under Maria’s tutelage, will evolve into something else, something more. 

So you see, there is something truly for everyone at Sukha South. The whole non-intimidating part of the name…it’s no bullshit and that’s what makes it feel like a home away from home for me now. If you haven’t been able to tell yet, it has changed my life because there isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not on my mat waiting for one of these amazing ladies to guide me through my practice. 

On a side note – a couple of times that I’ve taken Brittany’s class, she left “Buddha” personalized notes for each person. She strategically placed them right in front of you once you were done with class and opened your eyes. I swear that I don’t know how she knew or if it was just a coincidence, but the two times/notes she has left me came at a time that I so needed to “hear” them. To this day, easily over 6 months later, I have both of her Buddha sticky notes saved in my wallet and occasionally take them out to re-read them to myself because that’s how much they mean to me. Because sometimes when life is bringing you down or something is in your way, you need to know that “You’re capable as f*ck” or simply that “You’re strong as f*ck” from someone else. 


Barbie J

SUKHA Supporter of the Month

It is my pleasure to announce the SUKHA Supporter of the month.

This yogi has been coming to SUKHA since day one, makes her way on her mat almost every day and with EVERY teacher.

Yogi, mom, wife, music lover and author; Barbie Bohrman!

You are always bringing in positive energy into the studio, smiling, singing and sharing it with others. Sharing and wearing the SUKHA love on the mat and off.

Learning everyday from all teachers, taking workshops and growing.

And your taste for music........WELL my friend we have the same set of ears no matter what era or genre.

Thank you for your support, love of music and yoga and sharing the SUKHA philosophy.

Have a wonderful BirthMONTH!! 


Stay tuned for what Barbie has to say about how SUKHA has changed her life! And some pics!!

Cleansing, Calming, Breathing and Overall Wellness

So here's the deal!!! And what a deal it is....

doTerra has a great promotion for the month of April where you can get $50 worth of FREE oils of your choice with any starter kit purchase.

If you are loving the oils, attending the Essential Oil workshop at SUKHA, read posts and all information about these oils and still unsure, NOW is the time to get some additional FREE oils.

You will NOT BE disappointed. The uses are endless. Younger looking skin, digestion, congestion, hormones, acne, skin rashes, bug bites, bug replant, sore throat, sinus infections, inflammation, cradle cap, lice, warts, headaches, motion sickness, hair care, sore muscles, bloating, cellulite, canker sores, bruising, high cholesterol, fatigue, hyperactivity, hives, bacterial and viral infections, hiccups, hemorrhoids, mucus, menstrual cramps, toxic liver, influenza, fevers, food poisoning, strep throat, oral care, joint pain and stiffness, hair loss, diverticulosis, bursitis, sagging skin, lack of libido, ADD, autism, bed bugs, UTI, Crohn's, shall I go on??? There is more.

We need to address our overall health. Mind, Body and Soul. Cleanse, nourish and support these amazing vessels in which we live.

There are three ways to apply these oils in your life.

Aromatic, Topically, and Internal.

You will have no regrets. Start making changes to your life. A happy, healthy, strong, clean, life.

If you are interested in purchasing your kit during the month of April, please email or call me or you can go directly to:

Yesterday's Wisdom, Tomorrow's Destiny

I am not sure why it has taken me so long to write, promote and share about what I want to share with all of you. Maybe because I have done this for years, see so many people doing it, receiving emails from people asking me to help them promote the company they are selling for. Directly or indirectly. (Directly is always best)

I get it. I have been with many direct sales companies before. It is not easy and it certainly becomes overwhelming and can be slightly annoying. Party this, indirect schemes, and people maybe coming to your place of business just to get in front of groups of people to see how it can benefit them.

So here's the deal, I think direct sales is awesome. I started with a skin care line back in 2006 before I got divorced. I needed to start saving money and to be honest I needed to get out of the house. I was passionate about the products. I worked hard to make it work. And it did. I was passionate, not pushy and very honest. 

A few years ago when I started my yoga practice, I tried essential oils. For myself and to share with my students. I have been hooked every since. I place a drop on my students third eye before class, maybe a foot massage, and a cold wash cloth after class with lavender. I did this to make my students feel good. I never promoted. Never announced. Never asked if anyone was interested in buying or selling. I just wanted my students to feel as good as I do when experiencing essential oils. If they asked, I told them.

Fast forward to present day. After learning more and more and healing with essential oils; it is time to really share the crap out of these life changing oils.

Starting with lavender for sleeping, peppermint for congestion and my sons smelly sneakers, lemon for my water to oregano oil for inflammation of my pluera. Not to mention cooking, sore muscles, fine lines and wrinkles, cleaning the house, hormone balance and diffusing. The list is long.

Essential Oils-The Missing Link in Modern Medicine

Plants not only play a vital role in the ecological balance of our planet, but they have also been intimately linked to the phyiscal, emotional, and spiritual well-being of mankind since the beginning of time.

The plant kingdom continues to be the subject of an enormous amount of research and discovery. Most often prescription drugs are based on naturally occurring compounds from plants. Each year millions of dollars are allocated to private labs and universities that are searching for new therapeutic compounds that lie undiscovered in the bark, roots, flowers, seeds, and foliage of jungle canopies; river bottoms; forests; hillsides; and vast wilderness regions throughout the world.

Essential oils and plant extracts have been woven into history since the beginning of time and are considered by many the missing link in modern medicine.  They have been used medicinally to kill bacteria, fungi, and viruses and to combat insect, bug and snake bites in addition to treating all kinds of mysterious maladies.  Oils and extracts stimulate tissue and nerve regeneration.

Essential oils also provide exquisite fragrances to balance mood, lift spirits, dispel negative emotions and create a romantic atmosphere.

This is not a trend my friends.

Essential oils are know as Man's First Medicine! From ancient writings and traditions, it seems that aromatics were used for religious rituals, the treatment of illness and other physical and spitiutal needs, They say that the people of ancient times had a greater understanding of esstial oils than we have today.

The reintroduction of essential oils into modern medicine first began during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  During World War 1, the use of aromatic essences in civilian and military hospitals became widespread. Essential oils were used extensively for their antibacterial and wound-healing properties and developed several kinds of aromatic ointments. 

A few more little pieces of information regarding essential oils vs pharmaceutical drugs that I would like to share before I finish. (my brother may not like this) ha ha 25 plus at J & J

They both have different effects on the body. Drugs usually infiltrate our bodies while having a toxic effect but essential oils on the other hand have a detoxifying effect. Pharm drugs are not really able to provide clear information for receptor sites while oils actually perform the right operations for the receptors.  Drugs usually don't provide any coverage for the immune system while oils are constantly trying to provide strength. For example, antibiotics will battle both good and bad bacteria, but essential oils will only battle the bad ones, allowing our body to maintain a strong immune system.

The information on essential oils is never ending. There is so much out there to read on these oils. It is truly amazing.

Doterra oils are carefully and thoroughly tested using the strict CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade quality protocol. If you are experienced with essential oils, you will immediately recognize the superior quality standard for safe, purely effective therapeutic-grade doterra essential oils.

Before I stop writing; I want to share with you my favorite oils.

Frankincense-Part of my skin care!!! Emotional and hormonal balance, healthy immune system, blend it and diffuse it for a peaceful and spiritual environment.

Sleep!!- Lavender for sleep and dark circles, and tired, puffy eyes.

Peppermint-Stomach aches, headaches, respiratory, tight and sore muscles, bad breathe.

Oregano- Sinus, arthritis, inflammation, prevents infections, anti-fungal

Geranium Oil- SKIN!!! Amzing, clear, beautiful, young skin!!! Balances hormones, alleviates effects of menopause.

Lemon- Respiratory, household cleaner, add to water to support healthy respiratory function

Wild Orange- Circulatory stimulant, insomnia, fluid retention, wrinkles and fine lines, household cleaner

Rosemary-Liver-protector, anti-cancer, mental clarity, anti fungal, anti bacterial

Ylang Ylang-  HORMONES!! Balances male-female energies, enhances spiritual attunement, combats anger and low self-esteem, hair loss

Clove- anti-inflammatory, sore throat, stomach issues, sinus and lungs, toothaches, acne, numbs pain (waxing)

Ginger-Muscular aches, arthritis, digestive aid, congestion

I have so many more and I will be posting often. I always say that I share what I believe in; so that is what I am going to do. We are not getting any younger, take care of your body the natural way. Who wants to look their age? Who wants to look their age without spending a shit load of money on expensive skin care products? Less is more in my opinion. I don't remember the last time I really wore makeup. Who needs it? Luckily, not me at 46 1/2. Maybe some mascara. Some is genetics and most is self care. I use coconut oil mixed with frankincense or geranium. Two drops. A bottle lasts a very long time. Use it on your face, diffuse it, drink it, clean with it. So many uses for these oils for these oils without breaking the bank because they have multiple uses. So you can trash your toxic household cleaners, stop wasting money on spices that will eventually go bad and stop dropping big bucks on moisturizer when you can buy a tub a coconut oil. People say "It's so greasy and doesn't absorb". Well, are you putting it on your skin that needs to be exfoliated??? DRY BRUSH prior. Your face and your entire body. Dry brushing helps shed dead skin cells and encourages new cell renewal. By one for the face and one for your body. (CVS or Rite Aid) Then you can apply the oils on your face for smoother, brighter, younger looking skin. Or you can make your own exfoliator using coconut oil, sugar and essential oils. 

Coconut oil uses are endless as well!!! Cooking, baking, and cleaning. You will save money.

Celery Juice, No Gluten (I learned the hard way), Essential Oils, Coconut Oil, Yoga, Good Books, Good, loyal, trustworthy friends, healthy, happy, independent, smart kids and a roof over my head,  and running water is all I need. My great grandmother lived until 96, two aunts passed at 104 and 105 with one still living. Their secret? OIL!!!! Ha ha and homemade pasta!!! 

If you are interested in Doterra as a retail customer you can order directly through my site.

If you would like to be a Wholesale Customer you will get 25% off retail, Loyalty Rewards Points, Shipping Rewards Points, Free Products.

If you are interested in becoming a Wellness Advocate you receive bonuses and Compensation, a Personal Website, product discounts, shipping rewards, free products, Facebook Groups with tips, DIY Recipes and amazing, inspiring, women and a healthy, happy, clean lifestyle. 

Be Happy

Be Healthy

Be Strong





Crystal Ritual and Facial Experience

You may see a few people in class having a special crystal on their mat, around their neck, in Reiki or speaking of their healing powers.

Crystal healing uses the vibrations o crystals to heal. Each crystal has a natural healing vibration and color. The unique vibrations are introduced to your body and energy field to vitalize, to heal and to balance. Crystal healing uses the natural minerals of the earth.

Crystals act as conduits for healing-allowing positive, healing energy to flow into the body as negative, disease-causing energy flows out.

Join, Lorene Colon on Thursday, April 12th at 11:00 for a Crystal Ritual and Facial Experience. What a great way to relax and heal.

You will pick a crystal that speaks to you along with a card describing the meaning of the crystal you chose. You will keep the crystal during your Vegan Facial and take it home with you along with a goodie bag!

Come relax, get a facial and learn about the amazing benefits of crystal healing. It's another tool for your toolbox. 

Take care of you! You deserve it!!

$10 sign up on the Free SUKHA app under 4/12. Pay at the door.


Reiki II with Mary Jo Kurtz

Congratulations for those who received their Reiki II certification with Mary Jo.

The certification for Level II will be held on 4/28 at 12:00 pm.

Reiki II Certification & Attunement:

For those already attuned to Reiki Level I this training will expand your healing energy and Reiki practice to aid healing for yourself, your family, friends, pets and others. We will introduce you to Reiki II symbols, their meaning and uses. You will also learn and practice distance healing and how to utilize crystals in your Reiki practice.

You will receive training, handouts, an attunement to the Reiki II energy and become certified as a Level II Reiki practitioner. We will also spend time with hands on practice.

Offering $175

Deposit is required. Please drop off or mail to SUKHA $87.50 at 602 Mantoloking Road Brick NJ 08723

Wild Hearts, Driven, Believers in Magic.

Gypsy Souls! And that they are.

Today is a very special day. This mornings class was one for the books. 

Some requested the playlist and that can be found on the private Facebook Group page. If you are not in the group yet, please friend request me and I will add you.

Here is the dharma from today's class. Thank you all as always. The chanting will be posted on Instagram and Facebook later today.

What is a gypsy soul and who are they are why the fuck are we recognizing and celebrating?

A wild heart, born to wander. They are passionate and inspired by different ideas, attitudes and experiences. They are extremely emotional and thrive when they are passionate about something.

Gypsy souls are independent and wants to find their own happiness. They are driven by anything that feeds their souls. Words, rhythms and movements and light the fire within their soul.

They believe in magic, miracles and beautiful surprises. They vow to live a life that keeps their eyes sparking.

The Gypsy Souls we are celebrating today are the first ever graduating class of gypsy souls Teacher Training at Sukha. These 4 women have been training, studying, learning, and growing withmy friend of many years, Teacher here at Sukha and the founder of Gypsy Souls Maria Preuster.

Your knowledge and experience of this beautiful practice is truly inspirational and amazing. Thank your for all you have taught me, the students here at Sukha and these four, yoga teachers!!!!

Before I call up the new teachers I would like to share something with each of you. Some little pieces of advice.

Be brave.
Be confident speak loudly and clearly even when your body is shaking and sweat is dripping
Have fun. If you’re not having a good time, I can promise you your students aren’t either.
Stand out. Stand tall
Dream big

Your playlist is the soundtrack of your life. And the soundtrack to your students experience. Make it memorable

Live with radiant positivity and good vibes.

Some days may be harder than others. Because we all of crap. But I will say and I say it often, the moment you get up here, all your crap goes away. It’s magical.
Laugh at your mistakes and then learn from them

Don’t worry if you or your students can’t hold tree pose or fly into crow, care about what mantras you repeat and how many times you and your students pick yourself back up after you fall. Yes, trees stand tall and strong but they bend during storms and so should you. Your mat is a magic carpet and trust me, it’s a magical ride.

Teach with your voice to empower and inspire.
Teach. That’s why you went through months of training. To teach. Not rock the fancy arm balance you saw on Instagram. It is not about your personal practice. It is about teaching students yoga. 

Know your students. Their level, how they feel.
Guide them. Teach them what you have learned.

Share your journey. Your life experiences that you have learned from. Some of you are super young and may not think you have many; but you do. Dig deep within yourselves. That’s one of the many reasons you practice yoga and decided to teach.

Be yourself always.

You are all unique.
Share it.
Shine. Even on the dullest of days

Make time for rest and relaxation. If you don’t, you will crash and burn.

Journal. If you haven’t started already; start today. When you look back on this first year you will be amazed at your experiences and how far you’ve come. Capture your memories everyday. You don’t want to loose them.

Remember, everyone practices for different reasons. Some practice to learn about themselves, to be happy, pure bliss and relaxation
Some for the workout, some for the philosophy,
Some for all of the above.
Connect with each of your students. This community has a sense of belonging and it’s powerful. And I am honored and proud that you chose Maria and Sukha to start your teaching journey

I am so proud of each of you. Yes, you too Maria. For following your hearts and making your dreams come true..

You have learned from best.

Maria has over 20 years of practicing yoga and teaching for over a decade. Maria mentored with Shannon Gannon, has over 800 hours and was director of continuing education.

There are many reasons why Maria is at Sukha. One being her knowledge of the yoga philosophy and practice is something we all need to learn. I encourage everyone to learn every aspect of this life changing practice

It is my pleasure to announce the first graduating class of gypsy souls teacher training

Cathy Higgins
Destiny walker
Hayley premtergist
Jessica cry

And Maria Preuster

Congratulations ladies! You can find them at the altar at SUKHA on the following days starting in May:

Bayley: Wednesday 8:00 am

Cathy: Sunday 10:30 am Restorative/Gentle Yoga

Destiny: Monday 4:30 pm

Teach from your heart
Don’t be afraid to fall
Be happy
Be healthy
Be strong



Restorative Workshop

Join us for an Earth day restorative yoga experience and give yourself the gift of restoration, rejuvenation, and going inward. Sunday 4/22 10:15 am-11:45 am $40 per person. Reserve your spot by paying ahead at the studio. This workshop will be capped.

Restorative yoga is a quieting, supportive practice using well-placed blankets, bolsters, yoga straps, eye pillows etc. to safely guide the body and breath into relaxation and ease.

Restorative yoga peels away the layers of chronic stress, which many of us have and don't realize until we either burn out or worse, get sick/disease.

This practice turns on your rest and digest system (parasympathetic nervous system) and 90 minutes of the practice is equivalent to 3-4 hours of uninterrupted sleep.
Rasa is a Sanskrit word that is defined as juice, flavor, or the essence of one's heart in its pure state. This practice awakens the deepest layer, which is the body of bliss!

Some of the MANY benefits:

-Assists in releasing stuck emotions
-Heals the organs and digestive system
-Facilitates the switch of the nervous system from sympathetic to parasympathetic, which allows the body to heal
-Decreases inner and outer muscular tension
-Strengthens the immune system
-Increases creativity
-Relieves physical pain
-Reduces Insomnia and Fatigue
-Increases concentration and the ability to make decisions
-Allows adrenal glands to rest and heals adrenal burnout

Restorative yoga is medicine for the mind and body.

Your Future is Influenced by the Past

Yes, it certainly is...

Do you know that your current feelings, your personality traits and your behavior were shaped by the past events you have been through? Your past is currently affecting your present. You have to be tuned in, willing to identify and think. And that is what I did during this snow fall we had and to be honest, I am blown away. Most of you may fully understand what I have written below, some may not; but you will. Read carefully and you will understand and read the proof that the past has shaped me for where I am right now. Enjoy!!

What the diamond and car business taught me about life and how it has incorporated in my life now.
Two of my most important careers was in the diamond district in 1995 until 2001 and the car business from 2006-2015

The two are so very different with many hidden things in common. Both dealing with metal, high priced items, both luxuries (depending on the car obviously), one is a necessity (depending on the woman). Ha

Did you know that platinum, palladium and rhodium are used for catalyst converters in automobiles as well as in the jewelry business? Just a bit of useless knowledge. But it all makes sense now.

Read carefully on this journey and what it has brought into my life years later.

I started working for a large diamond wholesale company doing billing and data entry, I worked hard. Arriving early and staying late. Driven and interested in learning more. And that I did. I then became assistant account executive, then account executive then Manager of loose diamonds.

Then hard work paid off. I was approached by an Indian company to do merchandising for the jewelry line. No brainer. I accepted.

I traveled to India monthly for quality control on the jewelry I designed before it shipped to NYC and before the inspectors of the large retail chains inspected it.

Going to Bombay was one of the best experiences I have had. I traveled alone. Every month staying for 12 days at a time.
Learning so much about the business, the culture and myself. I met amazing people and learned in my early 20’s how lucky we are here in America and how much we take for granted. I lost 10 pounds every trip, I made friends, I was invited to their homes, to night clubs, and to birthday parties. No judgments. They welcomed me with open arms. They walk a lot. Some who were lucky enough to have automobiles that is; drove far distances without complaining. To see their friends, to the market, to meditate, to the clubs and obviously to work.

Living in NYC during this time, I worked hard. I didn’t socialize too much. Once in a while happy hour with co workers or meeting Maria in the Village. To get our belly button pierced or dinner and a beer. She was my only friend from home living in NYC. She was in the Village and I was on the upper east side. She had her own business and I was working for a big company traveling. We both worked our asses off.

Fast forward to 2006.
Divorced. Needed a career after staying home with the kids. Couldn’t go back to New York with a 4 year old and two year old. Needed a job. And that I found.
Answering leads part time for a Saturn Dealership. I learned, I grew.
Motivated, determined.
I bought a fixer upper in Brielle. It needed lots of work and money. I did it. Alone. Working hard.

“Moving Forward” to Toyota. Internet Manager. Managing people and leads. As the internet grew, so did I. Marketing, traveling, managing. 

A “boys club” and pretty intimidating at first. I wasn’t as mentally strong as I am now, but boy did that change in the car business. You definitely need thick skin, stand your ground and not be intimidated by anyone. 

Why did this snow bring me to write?
Big storm in 96. I walked 40 blocks to work. I had work to do. No excuses, no hoping the office would be closed. I had work to do. Worked that I loved. I walked. In the snow.

In the car business, well; they don’t close. Even the biggest storms. And here’s a news flash for everyone that doesn’t know much about the business. There is no machine or service that cleans off the cars after a snow storm. It’s the employees. Men and women!!! Every car and truck.
I remember driving in a huge storm, knowing I had to be there to help. I did.

Get it??

Putting the pieces together years later. Getting closer.....

People have flaws. Just like diamonds. You need to sort through the ones that are dull and have negative energy.

Move to a big city, even if it’s all by yourself. You never know who’s there and will be by your side in years to come.

Travel. As much as you can, wherever it may be. Go alone at least once.

Welcome new friends. In your home, out for coffee or to a yoga class. Make everyone feel comfortable no matter what skin color, shape, size or gender.

“ Suck it up and press on”. Never let anyone intimidate you.
Work hard even if you don’t want to do something.
Be mentally strong. In any business. You never know if you will travel to another country alone or work in a environment where it’s necessary. Keep going. Keep Moving Forward.

Luxury items are not important. It doesn’t make you happier. Traveling to India made me realize, less is more. They were the happiest people I have ever met. Some with no shoes on their feet, children with no clothes. One room homes. But smiling. Welcoming. No judging. They practice yoga in cotton, loose fitting clothes. “Materials that are tight fitting and compress the body are not right for a practice that is centered around breath”. Many wear Saris. (I have a few)

Work hard.
Walk if needed to get you were you need to be.
Have thick skin.
Be a team player.
Keep moving forward.

Choose the people that sparkle with love and light, guide and inspire the ones who need a shine, and remove the “Bad Cut Diamonds”- “a bad diamond cut result has to do with the choices the diamond cutter made. He may have had the bad luck of being saddles with big carbon inclusions that were naturally occurring in all the wrong places in the rough diamond crystal. The cutter took the hand he was dealt and made his choices and they didn’t include what would clear the most light”.

A well cut cut diamond shines and sparkles and shows fire.

“Shine Bright”
Be Reliable

Here I am in 2018, putting pieces together from the past that have impacted where I am today. 

Walking in storms, shoveling after the storm, and now opening for classes in a storm.

A hard worker, owner of The "Non-Intimidating" Yoga Studio. A studio that welcomes everyone with open arms and no fancy attire necessary. A few drive long distances; others may complain.

I have removed people from my life that were wearing me down, bringing me down. and speaking down. Working hard with a friend from the past. She lives north now and I live south, but we found our way to meet once again, years later. Teaching yoga.

(maybe tattoo next?)

The impact your past has on your present is so powerful. You need to learn how to connect with it in a positive way. Be open to it. You will be amazed at what comes up.


What does SUKHA mean to Bayley?

Once again it is my pleasure to announce The SUKHA Supporter of the Month-


This 19 year old is way beyond her years. I have had the pleasure of guiding Bayley through yoga for a while now and I'm not sure if this blog post will allow me write as much as I would like to.

Bayley is a gift to SUKHA and to anyone she meets and will meet. She is one of the most genuine young ladies I have ever met.

Real, wise, smart, beautiful, honest, mentally and physically strong, and a yogi through and through.

Bayley, my sweet friend; I am so proud of you for all of your accomplishments. Keep smiling and shining bright. I look forward to taking your class at SUKHA!!

Well my friends; this is what Bayley has to say about SUKHA. (for those of you that know Bayley, you may want to grab a tissue)



About year ago, I felt lost as all my friends and class mates were deciding where they were to go to college. When asked about my future, I was always unsure. I decided to stay home, and attend community college. I started practicing yoga more and more, searching for who I want to be. I found that at Sukha I could be who ever I wanted to be, singing in the middle of class, and being courageous with things I do on and off my mat. Coming to Sukha makes me unbelievably happy. Walking through the door always puts a smile on my face. Sukha is my happy place.


The SUKHA Supporter of the Month is.....

This month it comes to no surprise!!!

This very young lady has been at SUKHA for two years now starting her yoga journey at SUKHA since she was 17 years young.

It has truly been my pleasure to guide her on the mat and off. We have built a truly amazing relationship. Her smile is contagious, her loyalty is priceless, honest, caring, extremely helpful, fun, trustworthy, strong and sweet.

Whenever I have been in a bind, she is there for me. Driving my daughter to school when I was teaching at 6:00 am, opening the doors in Brick for holidays, Homecoming Dresses, opening day she worked the front desk ALL DAY. Greeting new friends with her genuine self. Attending workshops, and coming with me to special events.

This young lady is a yogi through and through. And guess what? She is almost finished with her 200 hour Teacher Training.

Thank you Bayley for everything you have done and continue to do for me and my children and SUKHA.

Continue to share your smile and your goodness. The world needs more of you. I know I do!!

For those of you that have not met Bayley, you will very soon. Bayley will be teaching two classes at SUKHA starting very SOON.

Congratulations on all of your accomplishments and being the SUKHA Supporter of the Month.

I love ya!!!

A Letter To Our Bodies

For those of you that have been following SUKHA the last two years, many have read my blog "99 lbs, 110 lbs, 160 lbs...I have hit them all". Dated 1/10/2106

Things certainly change as we age. The ups and downs. Menopause, eating poorly, stress, opening up a business, and maybe not even knowing why the weight is fluctuating. Life happens. We get older, our metabolism slows down, Whatever the case may be every BODY needs to read this letter. I shared this on Saturday in my class and many asked to share on line. So here you go. Playlist upon request.

Be okay with your body. Love yourself no matter what shape or size. Be comfortable in your skin but be sure to treat it well. You only have one. Eat right, figure out what is wrong, make changes you need to feel healthy and continue to do yoga!

Great blog/letter by Grace Murillo


You are not going to get better if you don’t change the way you live each day. You are going to continue to wake up every single day feeling empty and awful until the day you wake up and make the conscious choice to stop treating yourself like you are trash. Stop allowing people to treat you like you are trash. And most importantly stop walking around thinking you are trash. You are not and have never been trash. You are not the leftovers of someone’s story. Until you can see that, until you can really believe in your heart that you are more than garbage every single day will continue to be a burden.

You break my heart. You shatter me to pieces with the hateful thoughts you have in your beautiful head. Every morning you look in that mirror and criticize yourself. You look at layers of skin and think that defines who you are. You think your body is a prison love, when really it is your temple. It is your home, it is the place your soul rests in. Stop trying to be a number, stop trying to fit into a size, stop forcing yourself to be someone you never will be physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially. It’s okay to be yourself love. It’s more than okay to be who you are.

The tears come because I look at you and it hurts to know that you are in all this pain. You smile and laugh even while you are bleeding out. You give your time to everyone else but yourself. You stuff food into your stomach to make up for the love you starve your heart of. You buy things you don’t need to feel temporary joy, but tangible happiness will never satisfy you. Happiness, my dear sweet child is not something you can buy, it’s a choice you have to make. It’s a battle you have to fight for. The happiness you are hungry for is born inside of you.

I love you. I love you so much, and I don’t know how we got here. I don’t know how these wounds became so infected. I neglected you. I made you hide that you were dying inside a little bit each day, and now you are so broken. It kills me to be you, and to watch you destroying yourself. You deserve your own love and affection. You have all this hatred for yourself, but it’s uncalled for.

You don’t have to be perfect to be worth loving.

You don’t have to figure it all out to be worth my time, or the time of any other. Just being you is enough. Love is more than enough. You are sick, and you will never get better if you keep putting all this weight on your mind, body, soul, and heart, all this pressure to be a certain way, to live a certain life. You are unhealthy and you are killing yourself from the inside out. You know better, then choose better. It’s going to be excruciating but it’s what you need to do to get better.

The sun won’t come out until you let go of the darkness. Until you decide you want the light and the warmth. Until you fight, nothing is going to change inside or outside of you. What happened to you all those years ago as a child and in college don’t have to be the burden you carry for the rest of your life. You don’t have to relive the nightmares each night. You don’t have to look in the mirror and see what they did to you, and what they made you feel about yourself.

The monsters don’t have to win, if you choose to fight back. If you choose to believe that you are more powerful than anything that has happened to you.

I know it’s hard to breathe, and that each day feels heavy, but you just have to hang in there and seek out the good and the love and the light in today. Focus on today. Focus on how you can be good to yourself today, and worry about tomorrow when it comes. Focus on this breath. Focus on how you feel right now, and not how you “should” feel.

Do not keep using food as a weapon against yourself. Do not keep stuffing things into your body to punish it. It doesn’t deserve it, and you don’t deserve it. Food is a gift, it is to be enjoyed and it is to be moderated. It is not a weapon to hurt yourself with. Stop cutting yourself open with each bite. It doesn’t fill up your soul the way you want it to, and it never will. That is not what food is for, and you know it.

Rest. I mean it, please rest. Please stop feeling guilty for needing space, and silence, and for seeking solitude.

Please stop living your life as an apology to the world for needing things. Rest your body, rest your mind, and please rest your heart. Whatever rest is to you, please do it. Read the book you want to read. Sleep with the music on. Just lie there and breathe in the day. I need you to rest, and I need you to know it’s more than okay to need it.

You need to know that you are allowed to make mistakes. You are allowed to screw up. You are allowed to not know the answer. You are allowed to feel lost, lonely, weird…etc. You don’t need permission to fall; being alive means there will be times when your knees get scraped up and you stumble.

You don’t need to have it all figured out beforehand; you can learn as you go. You can take the same path a million times until you find your way. You can detour around and find a new road. You can completely destroy this current road and make it something new. Whatever you do or don’t do, you will learn, and that is what really matters.

Stop lying to God. You can’t actually lie to him. You can’t hide from him. So stop trying to be perfect when it’s never real.

God never asked you to be perfect, he asked you to be faithful.

He made you, and He loves you, and you need to trust in His love above everything else. Be vulnerable with Him. Be real and raw and let Him lead you out of this storm. He knows the way, and He wants to see you safe. Go to Him, and stop holding yourself back from the One who has and will always love you for exactly who you are, and forgive you for everything you are not.

Talk to the people who love you. They want to help. They want to hug you. They want to be there for you, but you have to tell them how. They cannot read your mind. Speak to them, write to them, do something to let them know you need their arms around you and their strength within you. They have your back, and you need to stop trying to carry everything on your own two shoulders. We were made for one another in sickness, in health, in the chaos, and in the peace; let them love you.

You are lovable. You are their friend, their family, and they need you as much as you need them.

One last thing, please be gentle with yourself. Please be patience with each day. Please don’t let the wounds you have be the only part of you that you pay attention to. There is so much more to you than what happened then. Don’t let them twist you into someone you aren’t because of what they did to you. Be gentle especially when the wounds begin to bleed again. It’s going to take awhile to stop the bleeding love. And even longer for the wounds to finally heal.

It’s a process of forgiving, letting go, and accepting what was, and trusting in what can be. Abuse doesn’t define you. Assault doesn’t limit you. They thought they broke you, but they didn’t.

The damage they did to you can be healed, and all those broken pieces can make something absolutely breathtaking. They didn’t take away who you are, they never could. You are radiant, and you are more than the wounds they gave you. My love, please I beg you to stop punishing yourself for crimes they committed. Stop hating your body because nothing good comes from hate, love is the answer to every horrible thing that happened to you. Love is the path you must walk on.

Love is the door you must walk through. This is not who you are, and this will never be the whole story.

Let the pain out, wrestle with the emotions, face the wounds, and find the light. It’s there, and I believe that your story was always created to be full of brightness. Don’t let them rip apart your life. Don’t let the past steal your future. Fight for more, fight for your happiness. You deserve joy, so my love please choose it.

With love,

Celebrate the Spring Equinox

The Spring Equinox signifies the end of winter and is marked by the equal length of day and night all over the world. It's a rebirth when we see trees and plants begin new cycles of growth, butterflies emerge and birds reappear.  It's a time when we welcome change, growth, revitalization, and renewal.  Come join us at SUKHA for this celebration as we mark the beginning of this fresh start and new direction.  We will clear our energy fields and cut the cords to winter and all past relationships, feelings, and situations that no longer serve us. 

We will say good-bye to our "old" ways and start this spring energized and ready for the magic of new life to unfold.

Tuesday 3/27 7:00 pm. Sign up on the Free Sukha app and pay at the door.


Yoga for Sports

Baseball season is here!! Amazing how this winter flew by.

Once again I would like to congratulate all of the athletes for a great basketball season. Boys and Girls, near and far. Continue to stay focused, motivated, healthy and strong. Whether you started, played five minutes, five seconds or sat the bench.

As Kobe Bryant said "I'll do whatever it takes to win games, whether it's sitting on a bench waiving a towel, handing a cup of water to a teammate, or hitting the game winning shot".

I would like to start this blog by saying yoga is not for females only!! Get it out of your head!! Let that ego GO!!!

The perception of yoga has changed over the past few years and is now practiced by men and women all over the world. Including professional athletes. Some teams are making yoga mandatory to practice yoga. Shaquille O'Neal, LeBron James, Victor Cruz, Evan Longoria are just to name a few.

Yoga is AMAZING!! For all genders, all ages. Mind, Body and Soul.

Let's start with strength! Lifting free weights? Awesome. Good for you. It is so important. amount of weight lifting will give you the strength by holding up your own body weight. Fact.

Flexible? Yoga increases flexibility and ease of movement, so therefore increasing range of motion. Being flexible will help prevent injury. I know I do not want my son or anyone getting injured.

Balance! My favorite. Balance improves overall balance with EVERYTHING that you do. Including preventing falls and can bend more easily.

Endurance! Tune in to your body and mind, pace yourself; slow and steady. In it to win it...For the long haul.

Core Strength... Everything in yoga is related to core.

Stability. Yoga helps to strengthen all of the little stabilizing muscles that people miss in other workouts and is so important in protecting your joints and spine.

Letting It Go!!!! Walked, struck out, missed a fly ball? We will work on breath work to let it all go.

Join me at Simonetti Sports in Wall on Tuesday 3/13 at 6:00 pm. $5.00 per child/teen because I know sports are expensive enough these days.

Yoga for Girls Softball will be held the following Tuesday.

Getting your child on the mat is one of the best things you can do for them. Physically, mentally and spiritually. Let's protect them from injury, continue to make them healthy, happy, strong and improve their game on the mat and off.








Tara. The SUKHA Supporter of the Month

Congratulations to Tara once again for earning the SUKHA Supporter of the Month.

Tara wrote about her experience at SUKHA that I would like to share with all of you and some beautiful photos we took today before class.

Taking a chance and going to Sukha has been the best decision I have made for myself in a long time.  I knew I wanted a consistent yoga practice but I didn’t stick to a home program and hadn’t found the right studio for me.  After my first class with Maribeth I knew I was hooked and I haven’t hesitated to try a new class, teacher or workshop since.  Sukha has truly become my happy place. Though I have a lot of work to do, I’m a more present, mindful person because of what I have learned at Sukha.  And my clothes fit better too 😉-Tara 2/12/2018

Thank you Tara as always for your continued love and support.