I am what I am. “Don't judge me until you know me, Don’t underestimate me until you have challenged me and do not talk about me until you have talked to me.


This is me.

I am what am I.


Who is SUKHA?


SUKHA means happiness is Sanskrit

Yoga makes me happy and I want everyone who comes to SUKHA to leave happy

SUKHA is different. I am different. .Call it untraditional or unconventional

But it is what it is and people come to SUKHA to relax, mingle, practice yoga, laugh, sing, dance and yes; have fun!!


We talk. Tell jokes.

I allow cell phones. Because life happens.

SUKHA is non intimidating

I have men and women of all shapes and sizes who were scared to try yoga. Men who couldn't touch their knee caps let alone their toes that are now doing forearm stands.

Women who had low self esteem and are now looking in the mirror every morning telling themselves how amazing they are


Music has been the soundtrack of my life and it is a huge part of SUKHA.


You will never hear the same playlist twice

Rarely will you hear the same song.

So, this is me and I am SUKHA

I am happy and non intimidating

I don't speak Sanskrit and I may practice with you

I may forget a pose, but I will announce that I fucked up


The voice you hear now is the same voice you hear if you see me out, in my home and everyday.

I am who I am.


And thank you for listening

So let's get started