Maribeth Woodford is a single mom of two teenagers, living her life perfectly imperfect. Owner of Asbury Park Press Best of the Best Studio in Ocean County- two years in a row.

SUKHA The “Non-Intimidating” Yoga Studio.

Maribeth has her 200 hour Yoga Certification, Level 2 Reiki Certified, has taught over 2,000 hours, is a Wellness Advocate for doTerra Essential Oils and is passionate about continuing to learn, practice what she is learning and sharing with as many people as possible through yoga and essential oils.

Everything Maribeth learns at the age of 47, she shares through her blogs. You can find her blogs on this websites home page under “new blog”. Follow Maribeth’s Facebook Page @myblogsaboutlife, on Twitter @mbwishes, Instagram @mbwishes

If you are looking to practice yoga in a comfortable environment, SUKHA is the place. First time or 100th. Our main focus is community over competition.

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Who is SUKHA?

SUKHA means happiness is Sanskrit

Yoga makes me happy and I want everyone who comes to SUKHA to leave happy.

SUKHA is different Call it nontraditional or unconventional.

But it is what it is and people come to SUKHA to relax, mingle, practice yoga, laugh, sing, dance and yes; have fun!!


We talk. Tell jokes.

Cell phones are allowed. Because life happens.

SUKHA is non- intimidating. We have men and women of all shapes, sizes and ages who were scared to try yoga. Men who couldn't touch their knee caps let alone their toes that are now doing forearm stands.

Women who had low self esteem and are now looking in the mirror every morning telling themselves how amazing they are.

Maribeth’s goal is to share this practice, essential oils and any healing tools that she is learning about with as many people as possible.

Start today. Why wait until it’s too late.

Questions? Contact Maribeth directly 877-SUKHA-11 or email

 Watch the video below to get a sneak peak.